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How do I partipost?

Just follow the steps!


Browse and join campaigns that others are doing or filter specific campaigns that you are interested in.


Follow the instructions of the campaign, snap a picture, add your caption & hashtags, and submit for approval.


Once your post is approved, you will receive a notification, then post on your social media through our app to start earning.


Once the campaign ends, the pay-out will be transferred to your e-wallet, where you can withdraw the amount to your bank account.


Discover campaigns that suits you and your style. You can pick and choose the brands that associate with you more.


Partipost directly from your app to your social platforms

Kathleen Goy
Head of Marketing of Sharp Mobile

" Partipost is an ideal platform for brands to get everyday users to be an active part of the conversation on the brand and in turn creating authentic content from the eyes of the user. "

Darren Lee
Search Optimization Manager of Mediacom

" I think it's beneficial not only to influencers but everyone. "


Transfer your earnings and withdraw it to your bank account directly.

No hassles.