Case Study Kordel’s

Brand/Product Awareness Campaign – Kordel’s Leveraging nano-influencers, to take a lifestyle quiz and share about the complimentary sample kit they received based on their quiz results. Total Influencers : 58

Case Study NIVEA

Product Awareness Campaign – NIVEA Leveraging nano-influencers, to share how NIVEA’s Whitening Powder Spray is their go-to deodorant after a workout. Total Influencers : 77

Case Study Amore Fitness

Brand Awareness & Traffic To Physical Location Campaign – Amore Fitness Leveraging female nano and micro-influencers to try out a class/facilities by Amore Fitness, a ladies-exclusive fitness gym and to let their followers know that they can sign up for a 1 day fitness pass. Total Influencers : 23

Case Study Purar

Brand/Product Awareness Campaign – Purar Leveraging nano and micro-influencers to share about Purar’s protective masks that can filter more than 95% of 0.3-micron particles and to share about their discount code for those interested to try out the masks. Total Influencers : 53

Case Study BOUNCE

Brand/Feature Awareness Campaign – BOUNCE Leveraging nano-influencers to share about BOUNCE’s newly launched 2-hour Superpass for double the time on their trampolines or X-Park. Total Influencers : 40

Case Study Decathlon

Brand/Feature Awareness Campaign – Decathlon Leveraging nano-influencers, to share about Decathlon’s 2-hour Click and Collect/2-hour Delivery Service. Total Influencers : 65