Case Study Underdog

Brand Awareness Campaign – Underdog Leveraging micro-influencers, to share about Underdog’s fuss-free and easy to serve frozen food which comes in a variety of meats. Total Influencers : 16

Case Study Clarke Quay

Event Awareness Campaign – Clarke Quay Leveraging micro-influencers, to share about Clarke Quay’s Game On! Event and get their followers to head down to the event.  Total Influencers : 18

Case Study EZ-Link

Brand/Feature Awareness Campaign – EZ-Link Leveraging nano-influencers to raise awareness about the ability to top up your EZ-Link card using your loose change at Cheers/Fairprice Xpress outlets. Total Influencers : 53

Case Study Japan IPL Express

Traffic to Physical Store & Brand Awareness Campaign – Japan IPL Express Leveraging nano-influencers, to share about Japan IPL Express’s new outlet opening at Funan via an Instagram Story template. Total Influencers : 105

Case Study GetGo

Brand Awareness Campaign – GetGo Leveraging nano-influencers, to drive brand awareness and downloads for their GetGo app. Total Influencers : 20

Case Study SUSS

Event Awareness Campaign – SUSS (Singapore University Of Social Sciences) Leveraging nano-influencers, to drive awareness for SUSS’s 2019 open house and sharing about their wide range of courses available. Total Influencers : 92

Case Study Pick!

Brand/Product Awareness Campaign – Pick! Leveraging nano-influencers, to drive awareness about the Pick! lockers available islandwide as an alternative to conveniently retrieve your parcels 24/7 whenever you order from Qoo10. Total Influencers : 50

Case Study United International Pictures

Event Awareness Campaign – United International Pictures Leveraging nano-influencers, to drive awareness and attendance to the movie premier of the  NOBODY movie. Total Influencers : 23