Case Study Batiste

Product Awareness Campaign – Batiste Leveraging nano-influencers, to share about Batiste’s 4 different Dry Shampoos and that they should be your go-to quick hair fix. Total Influencers : 112

Case Study NIVEA

Product Awareness Campaign – NIVEA Leveraging nano-influencers, to share how NIVEA’s Whitening Powder Spray is their go-to deodorant after a workout. Total Influencers : 77

Case Study Japan IPL Express

Traffic to Physical Store & Brand Awareness Campaign – Japan IPL Express Leveraging nano-influencers, to share about Japan IPL Express’s new outlet opening at Funan via an Instagram Story template. Total Influencers : 105

Case Study OLAY

Product Awareness Campaign – OLAY Leveraging nano-influencers, to share about OLAY’s Magnemasks Infusion Sheet Mask by showcasing how they can multi-task while masking. Total Influencers : 47

Case Study The Body Shop

Brand/Product Awareness Campaign – The Body Shop Leveraging on nano-influencers and micro-influencers monthly, to share about the range of products at The Body Shop through promoting positivity Total Influencers : 118

Case Study Rimmel London

Product Awareness Campaign – Rimmel London Leveraging nano-influencers, to share what they like about Rimmel London’s Lasting Finish 25-Hour Liquid Foundation and to show use cases. Total Influencers : 28

Case Study PHS Hairscience

Product Awareness + Drive Trial Sign Ups Campaign – PHS Hairscience Leveraging nano-influencers, to share about PHS Hairscience Advance Scalp Repair Treatment (ASRT) and to drive take up rate for their trial package. Total Influencers : 90

Case Study Simple

Product Awareness/Review Campaign – Simple Leveraging nano-influencers, to share about the newly launched Simple Daily Skin Detox Range and share a review on Simple Skincare’s website. Total Influencers : 42