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  • What is Partipost?

    Partipost is an app which connects brands to YOU! Browse and get special invites to join exciting social media marketing campaigns. Partipost makes it easy to SNAP.POST.EARN

  • SNAP

    When you join Partipost you will be notified of new exciting campaigns you may want to participate in. Post selfies, visit cafes, write reviews or perhaps try out clothes from the newest collections. Partipost unlocks exclusive marketing campaigns you can be a part of!

  • POST

    Partipost currently runs campaigns on Instagram and Facebook. You may be sent items to try, asked to purchase a product or be given service trials. Submit your post based on instructions on the app, once approved you will be prompted to post it up onto your social media to start earning.

  • EARN

    Each campaign has its own payout structure. The more engagement (likes, comments, tags and shares) your post gets, the more you earn!

  • Is it free to join Partipost?

    Yes, it is completely FREE to download and join Partipost!

  • I have under 500 followers, can I still join?

    Yes! We welcome everyone! You don’t have to be celebrity, insta-famous or an influencer to Partipost. We want YOU!

  • How do I earn through Partipost?

    Once your submission is approved, you will be required to post it on your social media and start earning! Your earnings will depend on the amount of likes, tags, shares and comments your posts receives.

  • How much can I earn per post?

    You may earn an average of $5-$150 per campaign depending on the payout structure of each campaign, this can be viewed in the app. The more engagements (likes, comments, tags, shares) your post receives, the more you earn!

  • Do I need to sign an exclusive contract?

    No, there is no exclusive contract when joining Partipost and you are free to work with other brands.

  • My Instagram or Facebook is a private account, can I still join?

    Yes, you can join! We welcome private accounts too!

  • I have posted for other brands before, can I join?

    Yes! You may. Partipost allows everyone to post!

  • I do not want to participate in all the campaigns. Simply the ones I like. Can I try Partipost?

    You may select the campaigns you are interested in. Browse the app with no obligations.

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