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Want more people to learn about your brand? With Partipost, you can experience the power of word-of-mouth marketing at scale.

Your brand story - for the people, by the people

Nano influencers like Partiposters are the storytellers of this generation. Their audience trusts them and often look to them for advice on the newest products, brands and services.

With Partipost, you can launch a campaign & manage submissions from interested influencers all in one place.

Find the right audience that fits your brand image.

  • -Nano influencers
  • -Micro influencers
  • -Macro influencers
  • -Age
  • -Interest
  • -Profile Type

Control the content your audience sees.

You can review and approve submitted posts before it gets published. Influencers will then receive your approval through our mobile app to begin posting.

Be as creative as you want.

  • -Brand Awareness Campaigns
  • -UGC Campaigns
  • -Traffic Driving Campaigns
  • -Seeding Campaigns
  • -Engagement Campaigns
  • -Event Attendance
  • -Testimonials
  • -Reviews
  • -Not stated here? Chat with us!

Have a fast, efficient and scalable workflow with influencers.

  • -Automated Processes
  • -Campaign Manager
  • -Tracking & Report
  • -Quick Turnaround, campaign launch in 2 days*

How does the Partipost platform work?


Create a campaign.

Select which platform you want to promote your brand on and what type of branded content you wish to see.


Launch your campaign.

Once everything is decided upon, your exciting new campaign goes live on the Partipost app, ready to accept submissions.


Review submitted content.

Partiposters will start submitting content for approval. Start reviewing submitted content on campaign manager.


Approved content is posted.

Once you start approving content, Partiposters will post it on social media and share it with their loyal followers.

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With Partipost, you can:

Find the right audience that fits your brand image.
Control the content your audience sees.
Run campaigns the way you want to.
Keep your brand safe with genuine profiles.






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