Your 10-Step-Guide To Partiposting

Qaisara Roslan on 26 February, 2019

Before you start your Partipost journey, do make sure you've completed each step of the sign up process so that you can join our campaigns!


Now that you're all set to go, here's your 10-Step-Guide to Partiposting! 👍🏻

1. In the campaigns tab, browse through the available campaigns and click in to the campaign you wish to Partipost for.


2. Read the brief thoroughly, create your content and click on 'Partipost Now.'


3. Upload your photo(s) [up to 5] and caption, make sure you fulfill all the requirements in the brief. And of course, to include the required photo tags, tags and hashtags.


4. Once submitted, keep track of your submission under the ‘Partiposts’ tab.

5. Turn on your notifications for the Partipost app. This way you can always keep track of the campaigns you are participating in and be updated on our latest campaigns.

6. Once approved, post it up on your Instagram page.

7. Click on ‘Copy caption’ and use the same caption for your Instagram post.

8. Once you're done posting, copy your Instagram post’s link back to the Partipost app.


9. Upon submission, wait for up to 24 hours so that we can verify it.

10. Go to your profile's tab after the tracking period and withdraw your payout!


Now go forth and Partipost!

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