Tips and Tricks: Getting That Insta-Worthy Picture

Qaisara Roslan

| 18 March, 2019

If you didn’t take an insta-worthy photo at that restaurant, did you really even go to that restaurant? The term “Camera Eats First” is a behaviour many of us adopt, and we totally understand! It’s a way for people to share and indulge in their common obsession of food globally. Taking a good shot of your food, AND yourself with the food, is especially crucial for the 'gram these days.

It’s also really important that your photos are aesthetically pleasing when you Partipost. As much as you hate your submissions getting rejected, brands hate rejecting it just as much. So here are some of our tips and tricks to help you snap the perfect shot for a smoother Partiposting process!

1) Natural Light = Best Light

Shooting in restaurants may prove to be quite challenging to some, with the bad lighting, multiple light sources and the crowded atmosphere. Avoid bright spotlights directly above the table, they’re notoriously difficult to get a good shot out of. Filters can help, but they aren’t always an easy fix if the original is bad. Using artificial light will give you an unpleasant orange/yellow tint.

Opt to sit outside or near a window. Soft, diffused and natural daylight is your best bet for a clean and clear picture. Using natural lighting to your advantage will help you capture an accurate colour and will illuminate all your beautiful faces and drool-worthy food shots.

2) Tell A Story

Photos of food are nice. But photos that capture stories are better. Decide what your story is, then arrange the photo to tell that story. Take a picture with your loved ones at the dining table and post it up. You not only get to share about your favourite food, but also your favourite people. Are you treating your beloved mother for dinner? Or are you simply enjoying some company with friends over a good meal? Try to instill more you into the picture. Everyone loves a good time and a good dinner. Don’t be afraid to experiment and see how to get the perfect shot of your company and your food.

3) Use a Neutral Background

Decide on the main focus of the photo and make sure that you do not have any distracting backgrounds that draws people’s attention. It’s important to maximise the main focus in the scene especially when restaurants are particularly crowded. If you do want to add a little something extra to make your picture more interesting, such as props, make sure it complements the subject instead of overshadowing it. Try to sit against a neutral backdrop such as a wall so that the background isn’t distracting.

4) Selective Focus & Depth of Field

The depth of field refers to the distance between the objects in frame and the way that focus creates emphasis on parts that are closest. You should always experiment with focused, close-up shots and less focused backgrounds. This type of shot adds emphasis to your subject and make your photos ten times more appealing and eye-catching.

Follow these tips and tricks and you’re en route to becoming the next best Partiposter and foodstagrammer ;)

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