The Ultimate Checklist for Partiposting

Josiah on 10 August, 2018

Partiposting is a free and simple way to earn some extra cash while enjoying the brands that you love. However, whether you are an experienced influencer or new to our app, at times your busy selves may tend to forget a step or two within the process. Fret not, here is the complete set of things that you need remember to ensure that your submissions get approved and your rewards received.


- Update your profile information

Before you begin Partiposting, ensure that your profile information is accurately entered. This will help us direct the appropriate campaigns to your feed according to your demographic. Entering the correct social media usernames will also help us keep track of your live posts in the future.

- Enter the correct bank details

Reversing a wrong bank transfer will cost you a hefty transaction fee of up to 100SGD! Before joining campaigns, verify that you have connected the correct bank account to your Partipost account to avoid this inconvenience and the extra costs.

It's now time to start Partiposting! 📸💰

- Read the campaign brief

Campaign briefs include all the necessary information about each campaign. This includes submission deadlines, posting periods, payout metrics, and campaign objectives. Before participating in campaigns, read the briefs closely to be sure you are eligible for the campaign and that the brand is suited for you.

- Check the submission deadline and submit your photos

It’s time to submit your photos to be approved by the brands!

Check that the campaign is still open for submissions and be early - submissions received after the submission deadline will not be considered.


- Follow the post requirements

When you submit, make sure that your photos and captions match the brand’s requirements so that your submissions get approved swiftly. Remember to include the necessary mentions, hashtags and photo tags!

- Post it on your social media

Once your submission has been approved by the brand, post it up on your social media during the posting period. Remember to use only the photo(s) and caption that has been approved.

- Submit your post link

Finally, once your post is live on your social media, remember to submit your post link (URL) to Partipost via the app. Doing so will help us track your rewards more accurately and distribute them on time.

You are now ready to earn your rewards!


By following this checklist, everyone and anyone is capable of earning rewards through the Partipost app and their social media posts. Payouts are credited to your Partipost account at the end of each campaign’s tracking period for you to withdraw.

Simple, isn’t it? Partiposting is effortless when you have these pointers in mind. But before you go on and take part in all those exciting social media campaigns, don’t forget the most important thing – have fun! Be creative and show off your personalities with your submissions. Help us build a fun and exciting community of micro-influencers here at Partipost.

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