The Secret To Getting Paid As A Micro-Influencer

Petrina Yuen on 01 October, 2018

Anyone can get paid as a micro-influencer, regardless of follower count, or if you have never done sponsored content before. How do I know about being paid as a Micro-influencer in Singapore? Because I’ve done it. Here’s how:

hannatantoco (Credit: Partiposter @hannatantoco)

Start building up your profile on Instagram

Start simple, make sure you have a functioning account on Instagram, a tip would be to set it to a public setting so that you can grow your reach. Try to have a theme, maybe you post mostly outfit of the day photos or pictures of your workout routine. Post about what makes you unique. If you have a hobby take photos of yourself doing it. Use hashtags so that people searching for particular themes can find you such as #food #clothing #outfitoftheday

lindsayvoitton (Credit: Partiposter @lindsayvoitton)

Take decent quality pictures

You don’t need a DSLR! A iPhone or Android phone will do. Take photos in daylight, make sure you have steady hands and use an editing app like VSCO which is popular with Micro-Influencers. Try to use the same filter and build a cohesive colour theme to your profile. Many micro-influencers like to take photos in one day and slowly post them up over the next month.


Take pride in your amount of followers (no matter the number)

Realize that 100 followers or 500 followers is nothing to be ashamed about. Sponsors and brands still value smaller follower counts. That might surprise you! It SHOCKED me. That I could get paid while having only 500 followers. This is the new trend, that companies are looking for everyday people to talk about their products, and they will pay you money to do so.


Download the Partipost app (The best kept secret of Micro-Influencers)

This is the secret sauce. In this app (which is FREE) every week they post up new micro-influencer campaigns you can participate in. For example right now they have a partnership with Nivea where you submit a picture of yourself using their deodorant and earn $8 for the basic photo, but up to $73 if you can get 500 likes and some comments. So you can think of the app as a portal to see all available micro-influencer “jobs”. Some other ongoing ones are with Thermos, Pocari Sweat (take pic with the drink!) and Salon Plus (get your hair done!). Try to submit early because slots fill up fast. They have 10,000 downloaders in Singapore. They are also in Taiwan. Click here to check it out:

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Change your definition of what Micro-influencers are!

Every person who follows you is your audience. Perhaps you may not get paid a few thousand like top influencers per post but you can definitely make some cash. Warning, the moment you realize you can cash in from doing social-media posts, you will want to keep doing it! Because it’s fun, easy and why not? When we already post stuff daily anyway, might as well get paid!! Perhaps it’s even for brands we already use daily. Try it and see for yourself! I did!

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