Pro-Tips for Partiposting

Qaisara Roslan

| 25 March, 2019

Filter Your Campaigns By Category

If you’re selective about what goes on your Instagram feed, the Partipost app has a function that allows you to filter the campaigns. Whether it’s sports, fashion, beauty or food, you can filter the campaigns to cater to your personal interests. Just go to the campaigns page, select the filter icon on the top right and click on those that you like.

We Like Bright & Clear Images

We are likely to reject low quality images that are dark, grainy or blurry. Try your best to take photos in natural light as it's less harsh compared to artificial lighting. Before taking your photo, study the light source and try to get the most out of it (open the windows, open the doors, consider best lit angles).

### Make Sure You Follow The Brief Very Carefully Chances of getting your submission getting approved is very high if you follow the campaign brief closely and promptly. Everything you need to know about the campaign is all provided for you in the brief. Make sure you have all the required tags and hashtags stated in the campaign brief. Cross-check your caption with the sample’s and you’ll be on the right track!

Turn On Your Notifications

Remember to allow push notifications on the Partipost app so you can keep track of your submissions and stay updated on exciting new and upcoming campaigns!

The More The Merrier

You can participate in multiple campaigns at one go so long you fulfill the requirements of the campaigns. Just be sure to keep track of your submissions and to live your posts once it’s approved. You should also consider submitting more than one photo for each campaign so that brands can choose the one they like best. This also ensures a higher chance at approval!

You Can Always Try Again

If your submission is rejected and it's not over the campaign's submission deadline, you can always re-submit again with a new photo. We'll do our best to guide and help you along the way with suggestions on how to fix it.

Partipost As Early As You Can

Once your submission has been approved by the brand, remember to post it up on your Instagram ASAP! Your final payout for each campaign is determined either after 7 days, or when the campaign budget is used up. Make sure your post goes live as soon as possible to maximise your payout.

Download the Partipost app for FREE!

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