Photo Manipulation: Are You Guilty Of It?

Hidayah Ruzman

| 23 October, 2018

Technology has come a long way throughout the years. Sure, we’re still working on flying cars and time travelling machines, but most things have definitely evolved to suit modern day convenience. The process of taking pictures is one of the many conspicuous advances in history. When was the last time you saw a Kodak disposable camera? I know right, I can’t remember either. Besides vintage polaroid cameras, we are now able to capture moments through the power of digital cameras. Not only do we have the ability to produce digital images from cameras, but from handphones and various electronic devices as well. On top of producing digital images by a click of a button or a tap on a screen, we can also edit the way we want our photos to turn out to be.

During the process of editing photos, we are capable of playing around with components such as brightness, contrast, saturation, and so many more. Photographers often use this as a handy tool when it comes to enhancing their images and improving the quality of their work. Some people prefer to just slap on an existing filter and call it a day. Playing around with components or adding filters generally gives a new dimension to the photo by enabling certain colours and textures to appear more prominent than others. Both methods are equally effective when it comes to editing photos. However, enhancing photos and enhancing features are two completely different things.

One of the possible reasons as to why people modify their features through the power of editing is due to insecurities. Whether it’s a sharper nose or a pointier chin, we’ve all wanted to change something about the way we look at some point of time. Guess what? It’s perfectly fine! Everyone has a subconscious urge to live up to society’s standards. Unless you couldn’t care less, you can’t say you’ve never been tempted to delete a selfie you posted just because you didn’t “look good”. Likes are equivalent to praises. Studies have shown that the number of followers a person has or the amount of likes a person gets could potentially affect his or her self-esteem. This reward-motivated behavior causes people to modify their features online in order to cater to the inclination of others. It’s like a jab of dopamine into your system. Don’t worry, you are not alone. We know the pressure is real.

Nonetheless, over-edited photos gives others a false perception of reality and it is unhealthy to feel accustomed to an excessively altered appearance. At the end of the day, the person that you see in the mirror is the real you. The number of likes you receive on a selfie you posted on Instagram should never determine your worth. Even if you only receive 5 likes on a post, you should never let it determine who you are as a person and the value which you bring into this world. After all, it’s just social media! As cliché as it sounds, beauty comes from within. Learn to accept your flaws because if you don’t, who will? Over here at Partipost, we love you for YOU 💙

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