Partipost's Favourite CNY Snacks (psst…amazing deal inside!)

Qaisara Roslan

| 18 January, 2019

With Chinese New Year just around the corner, are you ready to get your snack on? Here are some of our favourites, crafted just for you to get some inspiration on what CNY snacks to get this year.

1) Bak Kwa

We’re sticking with the classic, staple Chinese New Year snack for the first one. Our top contender with its undeniable meaty flavour is sure to tantalise your taste buds with its sweet and savoury flavours. Bak Kwa season has arrived! You can’t possibly resist the heavenly scent of barbecued meat walking past a Fragrance shop. These artfully grilled snacks is a recipe perfected through the ages and you don’t want to miss out.

Not only does Fragrance sell Bak Kwa, but their options are endless. They also have meat flosses, crackers, and even candies. Which brings us to our next favourite:

2) Salted Egg Fish Skin And Crackers

Typically made from duck eggs, salted egg has infiltrated many of our everyday menus and snacks. Many festive food trends are making its way this CNY but expect to see salted egg anything at probably every household you visit. Salted egg fish skin and crackers is definitely going to be a crowd favourite so make sure you stock up on these.

Remember to buy in bulk for the New Year to make sure you have a steady supply of CNY snacks to go around. Pro tip: Stuff your relatives with all the yummy goodies to avoid the age old question, “When are you getting married?" We’re always looking out for you here at Partipost ;)

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3) Pineapple Tarts

When we said Salted Egg anything, we weren’t kidding. It’s a modern twist to the traditional tarts. You can find your Salted Egg pineapple tarts almost anywhere. Whether you indulge in the classic pineapple tarts or the salted egg version, this snack is probably the main culprit for making your CNY outfits a little tighter.

This rich and buttery snack has made it impossible for you to just “have one,” but with its delightful melt-in-your-mouth goodness, no one’s really complaining.

4) Love Letters

These light, flaky and crispy snacks come in so many different flavours today, coffee, pandan and even butter. Fun Fact: Popular lore has it these biscuits were used as a method for forbidden lovers to pass romantic messages to each other, hence the name.

Their edible quality made it easy for any evidence of a tryst to be quickly destroyed, and consuming the cookies meant the message had been taken to heart. Sneaky, yet clever. Props to them for thinking of such a method which gave us one of the best CNY snacks today.