A new look for the Partipost app

Jo on 23 November, 2018

ICYMI: the Partipost app looks a little different this week!

We're excited to roll out a new look and feel for the app, updated to better represent Partipost.

Our mission is to connect brands with everyday people; at our core is the belief in giving the crowd a voice. We challenge brands to try a different social media marketing strategy based on real users engaging their real followers.

This marks the beginning of a new phase for us. We first launched the app almost a year ago when we shipped a barebones version with the most basic features. Along the way, we've learnt valuable lessons that continue to guide us as we move into the next stage.

Looking back

Our earliest supporters may remember the days before our app launched, when joining a campaign meant multiple back-and-forth emails and payouts were often delayed. Since the launch of our app early this year, we've been able to speed things up.

The app streamlines the whole process and makes joining a campaign easier and faster. Updates to submissions are communicated to our Partiposters instantly; payouts are released in seconds rather than minutes.

Similarly, the launch of our campaign management platform has helped brands run bigger campaigns with more submissions, all without the hassle of engaging users individually.

Looking ahead

With the v2.8 app update, we’ve swapped out the navy for a brighter blue and replaced our typeface with a cleaner, more legible option. We believe that this updated core design reflects our plans for Partipost - to make it effortless and exciting for Partiposters to collaborate with brands, and more broadly, to be a innovative player in the ad tech space.

A new look for Partipost

In the last year, we’ve been humbled to receive the great feedback and suggestions you’ve sent us. We’re committed to our mission, and are planning updates to make it even easier to SNAP.POST.EARN based on what we've heard from our users.

From being more transparent to reducing the friction around submitting your link, we have a full pipeline planned and are working hard to ship these updates.

We're excited about these changes and can't wait to share them with you! In the meantime, if you'd like to share your experience Partiposting, please reach out to us as we'd love to learn more.