Myth busted: “Earning through social media is only for influencers”

Josiah on 07 September, 2018

Many may not realise, but influencers have always existed even before this age of social media.

Since the start of celebrity culture, advertisers would look for such personalities to get their advertisements done, because they were widely known in their societies. Some which were influential personalities in the industries of the very products or services they were advertising for.

Today, due to the rise of social media platforms, the term “influencer” has been institutionalised and has changed how advertising currently works. Most companies now diversify their advertising efforts into different forms, with the trend of devoting more of their budget into digital marketing. Depending on the nature of their business, some are actually more invested in social media marketing.

With Instagram and it’s features continuously improving over the years, and the fact that it is one of the most widely used social media app by young adults, it makes sense for these companies to be heavily invested in marketing efforts over the platform to try and capture their potential customers. This has created the opportunity for influencers to make a living through Instagram itself, and we have thus been witnessing an exponential amount of new influencer hopefuls attempting to hop on this trend.

Many would believe that the role of an influencer can only be fulfilled if a person has a large following on social media platforms, but is this entirely true?


Let us look back on some of the fundamentals of consumer behaviour. Who are you more likely to interact with on a daily basis? Is it your family and friends? This group of people close to you shapes how you behave, think and perceive of the world as it is.

Imagine if your close friend shares with you about a delicious new brand of chips that they just purchased, and compare that to you seeing an ad with a celebrity eating those chips. Which would be a more convincing reason for you to try out this brand of potato chips? Most people would pick the close friend’s recommendation over a celebrity simply because they trust their close friend more than a celebrity who they do not know on a personal basis. What is better is that you could even ask your close friend about how he/she felt about the chips, providing you with quick and reliable answers to any doubts you might possibly have.


Having a better idea about the product due to a more reliable source (your close friend), you would be more confident in making a purchase of this new product. Not forgetting the power of social influence, as many people tend to conform to trends especially in their tightest social circle just to fit in. It is clear that the people close to you are often the ones who can convince and influence you the easiest.

In light of this, Partipost has identified this phenomenon and has empowered everyone to influence their social circle.

"Everyone's an influencer in their own right and we believe that everyone does it for the right reasons."

If you truly want the best for someone, you would only give genuine recommendations and opinions to someone you care about. As such, at Partipost, what we believe in is organic experiential social media marketing where our Partiposters want what is best for those that they genuinely care for. Nobody will be obliged to participate in a campaign and it is all done by one’s own free will.

With that, Partipost at your own time and leisure and become an influencer too!

With love, Partipost.

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