My Internship at Partipost

Josiah on 17 August, 2018

My summer break back home in Singapore began much later due to some unfortunate housing issues in California. As I browsed through online job postings trying to land an internship for my shortened summer, I chanced upon Partipost’s listing for a Marketing Intern at their startup and took a go at it. Looking back, I feel fortunate to have taken the chance and applied to the company, which gave me the opportunity to work at this young and spunky startup.

"Without a doubt, my internship was unlike any other typical one at a corporation."

Going in, I knew (and was briefed) that it was going to be unstructured and messy at times – such is life at a budding startup. I was first tasked to sift through and organise the company’s payout transactions to its community of micro-influencers. Following that, I joined the tech team and aided them in updating the app’s help desk. And finally, I wrote articles for marketing team as we launched the company’s blog. Not too bad of an experience seeing that I was only here for 2 months! I can’t say that I would have had the chance to work in so many departments of a company had I interned at somewhere else. I truly relish my learning experiences at Partipost.

"Life in a startup was awesome."

The atmosphere was so casual that it felt as though I was going to work with a bunch of friends. I also appreciated the flexible office attire, which really makes a difference when you have a 15 minute walk to the workplace under the relentless Singapore sun. Moreover, I really enjoyed the many lunches we took to Junction 8 and the Friday dinners we had really allowed me to get to know everyone within such a short span of time. It was eye-opening and motivating to see everyone working hard to grow the app and make Partipost a household name. As I look forward, working in a startup is something that I would really want to pursue, if given the chance.

If I were to only remember one aspect of this experience, it would have to be the people that I got to know during my short 2-month stint.

"Everyone at Partipost, both the full-timers and interns, were incredibly warm and unique individuals that made the office such a homely place."

As an intern trying to find his place within the ebb and flow of the workplace, I never once felt that I was there on my own. My mentors, Jo, Petrina, and Yun Wah, were incredibly approachable and provided me with guidance and direction every time I encountered issues with the excel sheets or my writing assignments. Having heard about my peers’ unfortunately lackadaisical bosses at their corporate internships, I am grateful that I got the chance to learn and develop in such a nurturing environment.

As my 2 months here come to a close, I am thankful for the opportunities presented to me by Partipost. As someone who never once thought that he would work in a startup, I am grateful for such a fruitful introduction to the startup world. I would like to thank everyone at Partipost for welcoming me with such open arms and I wish everyone all the best!

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