Micro-influencing is the best part-time job in Singapore

Josiah on 07 August, 2018

For those of us who have the time to spare, be it over the weekend or during school breaks, holding a part-time job to earn some extra cash is a norm. As we know, some common part-time jobs in Singapore include baristas, waiters/waitresses, retail assistants, and more recently, driving for Grab. While these positions are interesting and fruitful pursuits, being a micro-influencer is easily the most rewarding part-time job that anyone can perform!

There is no concrete definition for what a micro-influencer is, but they generally have a humbler follower count as compared to big name macro-influencers or celebrities. Through advertising the products and brands that they enjoy over their social media channels, micro-influencers can also earn from the businesses by monetizing their posts.

Read on for some reasons as to why micro-influencing is the best part-time job in Singapore, and why anyone can do it!

It’s a job with flexibility

Without a doubt, there are perks to serving at a café or assisting in a retail store, like free meals or employee discounts for fashion apparel. But when it comes to work flexibility, nothing beats being a micro-influencer on social media.

More often than not, most part-time jobs call for you to fight over shifts with your colleagues. Those with experience know just how difficult it is to secure a shift that fits perfectly into our personal schedules. Conversely, a micro-influencer has the freedom to post advertisements as and when he or she wants, so long as it is within the stipulated time-frame. Even better, as an influencer for influencer marketing platforms like Partipost in Singapore, there are no contractual obligations and you are free to join any campaign that suits you!

There’s potential for huge rewards

According to Firstlane Singapore, based on Grab’s earnings calculator, the average part-time Grab Driver in Singapore earns about $600 a month for driving a total of 21 hours a week - this is only enough to fund the vehicle’s rental for personal use.

Instead of spending your evenings driving tirelessly around the island, you can easily curate Instagram posts for brands and businesses and build your following. The earnings you receive would be more rewarding when you consider the ease of the task. On the Partipost app, there are campaigns with rewarding payouts for everyone to earn - some of the top Partiposters earn over $400 a month just from Partiposting!


It’s fun!

Social media like Instagram and Facebook are exciting and dynamic spaces for us to enjoy with our friends and followers. They allow us to share our lives and experiences with others in our own personal ways. Similarly, as a micro-influencer, you can share about enjoyable products and services with your online community and engage in meaningful interactions about them. All this while still being rewarded for it!

It’s easy - anyone can do it

Compared to other part-time jobs, where uniforms or even a rental car is required, micro-influencing is one that you can perform with little tools and with ease. For instance, becoming a part-time Grab driver means that you will need to get a license, rent a car, and purchase insurance. In contrast, all a micro-influencer essentially needs is a smartphone, a social media account, and a creative flair. Micro-influencer platform Partipost enables anyone and everyone to participate in their social media campaigns and earn exciting rewards! Download here and check it out!


Micro-influencing is an exciting past time that all Singaporeans can have a stake in. Even if you already have a part-time job, micro-influencing is so flexible that you can even perform it on top of your existing part-time job without much added pressure to your daily life. It is a part-time job with low stakes but high rewards that everyone should get in on. It’s time to get rewarded for sharing about your fun and exciting experiences!

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