Partipost for JiojioMe this weekend!

Josiah on 10 August, 2018

JiojioMe is currently collaborating with Partipost on a campaign to promote their app and its e-vouchers for Canadian Pizza, Fat Papas, and HonestBee. Partiposters stand to earn up to $70 for promoting any one of these three exciting brands on their Instagram. On top of that, Partipost influencers can also use their existing JCASH within the JiojioMe app, if any, to redeem vouchers for these brands and purchase their meals for the campaign. Do hurry because vouchers are limited and subject to availability!


What is JiojioMe?

JiojioMe is the freshest social networking smartphone app in Singapore, which connects people with the same hobbies and interests together. Users can locate, interact, and schedule meet-ups with fellow hobbyists through the platform and earn JCASH and discount vouchers through their in-app activities. If seeking others who share the same unique pastimes as you has always been a hassle, JiojioMe is exactly what you have been waiting for!

Known as “The Hobby App”, JiojioMe is a lifestyle and interest-based platform with more than 42,000 users and 600 merchant partnerships island-wide. The app is loaded with features as it allows users to schedule hangouts, online-chat, and even post status updates and reviews. Also, the more JCASH you earn through the app, the more savings you can enjoy at selected locations all over Singapore. JiojioMe bridges users within the same physical proximity by their geo-locations so that it is much more convenient to connect in real life. While it is an online app, JiojioMe also encourages offline interactions that foster lasting friendships. Now, you will always have someone nearby to “jio” to your favourite café or for a weekend soccer game!

Check out JiojioMe’s hilarious promotional video featuring hip-hop artist Namewee:

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Why should you Participate?

The campaign is simple!

This campaign for JiojioMe is extremely easy to follow! As an influencer, all you need to do is promote one of the three featured food brands over your Instagram channel. Simply post a photo of yourself enjoying the food products and you are eligible for the campaign! Be sure to follow the caption guidelines and include the necessary tags to get your submissions approved fast.


There’s an attractive payout… and free food?

Partiposters stand to earn up to $70 in rewards for this campaign. Simply posting it on your Instagram earns you $20 and the more engagement your post receives, the more your reward increases. So don’t be afraid to be creative and fun! What’s more, early users can also utilize JCASH within the JiojioMe app to redeem vouchers to purchase their meals - FREE FOOD! 🍕🍔🥙


It adds fun to your stay-at-home plans

Your evenings and weekends are meant to be easy-going and restful. Why waste them preparing for meals and cleaning up after? Jio some friends over for some pizza or burgers while you hang out, and Partipost about your experience later. With the rewards that you earn, the meal is practically free and you still stand to earn some extra cash. With JiojioMe and Partipost, your plans for the weekend have already been set!


Join in on the JiojioMe fun!

Submissions for this JiojioMe campaign are currently open until 27th August 2018. Do follow the guidelines stated in the campaign brief to ensure your submissions get approved fast. We look forward to seeing your JiojioMe adventures over the next few weeks. Happy Partiposting!