Interview With Sng Yi Xin (@snnngorious)

Jeremy Cherng

| 05 October, 2018

This week, Partipost managed to sit down with Sng Yi Xin, a popular Instagram personality. She shares with us some exciting tips on how to increase your followers and take Insta-worthy photos! She has 38.4K number of followers, that’s super cool.


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What are three interesting facts about yourself?

I am not an introvert but I prefer spending quality time with myself at home. I enjoy people watching as compared to interacting with them. In my free time, I do cafe hopping and stuff myself with sweet treats and pastries! I love a wide range of sports activities like wakeboarding, Muay Thai and swimming. Fun fact! There was a period of time where I did Muay Thai everyday for a couple of months.

Wow! Why does fitness matter so much to you?

Yes, I became really fit but I toned down after that because it was became too unhealthy and it led to health complications.That experience instantly peaked my interest in health, wellness and having body positivity. I became a firm believer and advocate of a healthy lifestyle, holistic wellness (both mentally and physically) and doing everything in moderation. My beliefs are reflected in the genre and content I produce.

That’s actually new knowledge to us! What got you started on social media or just Instagram in general?

I actually studied arts in a film school, so when Instagram was first launched, my classmates and I were very excited by the filters and the photography of Instagram users then. Slowly, it evolved from just my interest in photography to realising social media can actually be used for other purposes. During that exploration phase I even went to take part in events to try to understand and make use of social media better.

Tell us more about taking part in pageants and events!

I took part in Nutrigirl, Miss Earth and Teenage youth magazine events. These events all required us to create our own content on social media which was beneficial to me because I wanted to learn the mechanics of social media and how to grow my Instagram. It was then that I realised it’s not so much your popularity but how good your content is. I came to the epiphany that I could use it for my business or even help companies leverage on it.

Who takes your photos for you? Cause a lot of influencers/personalities engage professional photographers.

Personally, anyone can take photos for me, I will just tell them exactly how I want it to be taken. While they help me, I also teach them some cool photography tips I picked up myself. I travel alone a lot so I will just use a tripod and remote to take photos for myself. I don’t have a regular photographer, and have even asked total strangers to help!

What is the number one or first tip you will tell anyone who wants to take amazing photos?

I think it’d be to always go for a ‘human’ angle to create images that seem like the subject is alive. But don’t over exaggerate it, if you are using an iPhone X, take it with your phone upside down, it will make your figure more ‘human’ and realistic. That is something I realised while experimenting with the camera! It’s a great tip for girls to appear slimmer and guys to look prim and proper. The iPhone is perfect for filming videos right side up but for taking images of human subjects, upside down works best!

Psst cool tip for our readers!

There’s also a way for women to smile too! Most people clench their teeth together when smiling which makes your face look fat cause that action forces your cheeks horizontally outwards. A better way is to relax your facial muscles, touch the roof of your mouth with your tongue and smile. It will make your face sharper!

Besides content creation. Do you have any tips for our Partiposters who want to grow their following?

Be constantly on Instagram. ‘Like’ your friends photo so they know when your post is up, by doing so it’ll appear in their friend’s ‘Explore’ page. That’s how your content gets spread like a ripple effect on Instagram. Hashtags are often overlooked by people but are really important. You can use external sites that generate hashtags that lead to the highest traffic to help you!

A lot of people say being an influencer/personality, you have to always be on the go, whether it be travelling abroad or finding new spots in Singapore to generate new ideas and content. Do you agree?

I think any ordinary corner is good because it all depends on how you play with things and make use of the environment. For example, in my own house it might be the same few areas being utilized but you can produce different images from the same spot! Many people have asked me, ‘Where is this? It looks beautiful.’ When they find out it’s actually my home or a random wall, they are shocked. So the key is really how you play with things.

Moving on to a more personal question. Have you ever been affected by haters, stalkers or negativity from your followers?

Hmm… I ignore them. I do get some of these hate messages, but I just ignore them. They may actually suffer from low self esteem or are going through tough times. I don’t want to respond to them and give them the impression that I am bothered by it. That will only fuel their needs and empower them to do the same to people around them. I am grateful and happy with my life. These small group of people or comments are insignificant compared to my positive followers and loved ones.

Why do you love using the app Partipost, which allows you to find sponsors and create content for brands like 4Fingers and Nivea?

Sometimes, I run out of ideas and inspiration. Partipost is perfect because I don’t have to find new products or inspiration, I simply participate in a campaign. Plus, I also enjoy taking part in campaigns with my friends It’s more fun that way too. It’s a great easy and enjoyable bonding campaign to do with my friends! Gives us an activity plus we earn from it too!

What are some of the campaigns you took part with your friends?

The NIVEA one just recently! I got the product and my friend just asked if I wanted to take part together so we just did it together! It was fun and easy! We just helped each other take a photo for the campaign and went on to take countless other fun selfies. I also thought the Uppercut Boxing was interesting! I particularly like brands that are related to gyms, nutrition, health and wellness.

Are there any brands you would like to see Partipost collaborate with?

I would love to see my collaborations with gyms and products to do with health and fitness such as Sculptfit, the gym I go to. I really enjoy working out there because the classes are tailored to your fitness level and they push you only as hard as you want to go.

Do you see yourself as an influencer?

Erm… Last time yes, now not anymore. Cause I think anyone can be an influencer today. I am not saying it’s because it is no longer an exclusive term reserved for a handful of people, but that anyone can be an influence in their own sphere of community. What does ‘influencer’ even mean anymore? These days, I am just focused on producing good content more than thinking about all of these things.

Are there any social media personalities you look up to?

One personality I really admire and look up to is Christabel Chua (@bellywellyjelly). I admire her strength and how she has dealt with everything.