Interview with Shanice Neo (@shaniceaneo_)

Jeremy Cherng

| 06 December, 2018

Tell us more about yourself!

Hi! I’m Shanice, my Instagram handle is @shaniceaneo_. Right now, I’m running e-commerce businesses and also doing a suit tailoring business for males!

Wow! That’s really interesting! How did you get into the suit tailoring business?

It was actually an idea from a friend! I felt like there may be a market for it so I went ahead and gave it a shot! (P.S. men who want to look suave in a new suit, you can DM Shanice on Instagram!)

Weren’t you afraid of starting your own business? For eg. fear of making losses.

Of course! I think all business owners face the same fears but I felt like there was really nothing to lose in starting that business. The experience I gain from running it is far more valuable! This is also actually a stepping stone to my dream of having my own fashion brand!

Awesome! I think our readers would love to know some more fun facts about you! Tell us more!

I am an adrenaline junkie! Basically anything thrilling and can get my heart racing! I love roller coasters and skydiving. I also enjoy all sorts of challenges, be it at work or when I’m having fun. What’s life without challenges right? Conquering them is what keeps me going! Lastly, I aspire to have a lifestyle career rather than a desk-bound job. Follow me on Instagram to learn more about me!

What got you started on social media and Instagram?

I have been on Instagram for a while now but I only took it more seriously when I took part in the Nutrigirl pageant! Through posting a lot more during the pageant, I realise that Instagram is more than just a social media platform! Besides just posting photos of myself, I am able to share my beliefs, thought processes and inspire change in our society!

Can you share more about what you enjoy posting on Instagram?

To put it simply, my feed revolves around four main themes - fitness, fashion, food and females. The 4-Fs! The aim of this facet or theme of my feed is to inspire females to be strong and confident!

When did you see your follower count increase significantly?

I think it happened this year when I started to put in a lot more effort on Instagram and participated in events. Partipost definitely played a part in growing my following too!

Would you say you put in a lot of effort on Instagram?

Yes! I have been dedicating more effort to my Instagram page this year. Some of the things I do are learning and trying new photo editing techniques/apps.

What are some of the photo editing apps you use nowadays?

I use VSCO and Snapseed! It’s commonly used by a lot of Instagrammers.

Do you ever run out of inspiration for content creation on Instagram?

I think it happens to everyone! For me, I tend to have a lot of ideas before I sleep so what I do is I browse through photos I have taken and I jot down all these ideas I have for captions to be used in the future. Sometimes, I even write down 10 or more captions in one sitting! Captions to me are crucial in capturing your audience, especially like-minded ones. Which is why I often think for days for suitable captions and constantly edit and improve on ideas I already have.

Interesting! You really put in a lot of thought for your Instagram. Any tips for taking Insta-worthy photos then?

I think there isn’t really such a thing as ‘Insta-worthy’ photos, there are only ‘me-worthy’ photos. The key is to love yourself and be confident of who and what you are. Beauty shines through from within! If you love yourself, any photo you take is ‘worthy’ and beautiful. Your Instagram feed should be about yourself! Don’t let other people’s judgements or standards determine whether your photos are ‘Insta-worthy’. As long as you think it’s ‘me-worthy’, it’s already good enough!

Who takes your photos for you? Do you have a designated photographer?

My photos are taken by my friends most of the time! I myself am not a professional so I learn tips from my friends and from the Internet. For those who aren’t as familiar with photo-taking, I would guide them and tell them how I want the photo to be taken!

What’s the most challenging aspect of social media/Instagram to you?

Personally, the most challenging aspect for me now is trying to grow my followers. I am still in the process of learning and grasping how social media works, especially with the ever-changing algorithm of Instagram, it’s really been quite a challenge to keep up and stay on top of the curve.

How did you find out about Partipost?

I was introduced to Partipost by Yixin @snnngorious whom you did an interview with!

What compelled you to give Partipost a shot and eventually become one of our top users?

The main reason why I use Partipost is really the fact that it gives me a lot of inspiration on how to build a social media presence. It is like many little stepping stones for me to build a good Instagram profile. I think the campaigns that Partipost have are also suited to my profile and ideologies. One example is the DBS Recycle more, Waste less campaign that advocates for a greener environment.

Are there any brands you would like to see Partipost work with in the future?

I would love to see more skincare brands that are not as common and on the shelves! Besides skincare brands, I think more of fitness related campaigns like gyms?

Is there anything you’d like to say to new Partiposters?

I would say just try it out! Don’t be afraid to give it a shot because you will learn a lot of new things and meet new people! Personally, I got to know a lot of other Partiposters, it’s almost like this community where you can learn from one another and grow together on Instagram.

Do you see yourself as an influencer?

Yes, I do to a certain extent! I don’t see myself so much as a social media influencer per se but more of an influencer in terms of giving new perspectives, sharing thought processes, character development.

Are there any influencers you look up to?

I look up to @elaineruimin! I really enjoy the way she does her Instastories! It’s so genuine and natural that people are able to relate and connect with her.

What’s the biggest trend to you these days?

Definitely travelling! Everyone is into travelling these days, especially cold places during the holiday season! I love travelling during the winter season as I get to deck myself out in winter fashion clothing and wear the various boots I don’t get to wear in Singapore!