Interview with Priscilla Boon (@priscillabjt)

Jeremy Cherng

| 13 December, 2018

### Tell us more about yourself and what you are doing now!

I’m Priscilla and my Instagram handle is @priscillabjt! Right now, I am focusing on an e-commerce business known as V-More! It’s an online shopping portal/site that works with established brands like Lazada, Qoo10 and Amazon. Besides that, I am also a Track and Field coach!

### Wow! You must be very fit then?

I used to exercise a lot! Back when I was in Polytechnic, I was pursuing a Sports Coaching certificate so I was really involved in sports! I ran, swam and worked out at the gym every week. Basically, I was exercising at least 6 days a week! I have toned down a lot these days and don’t exercise as much anymore.

### Interesting! Share more with us!

I love meeting and interacting with new people! Fun fact: I used work as a HR coordinator aka recruiter! Through my experience there, I managed to meet lots of people from all walks of life and learn so much from them. I also enjoy cafe and bar hopping! Especially those around Holland Village that is close to my place.

### When did you get started on Instagram?

I think it was back in 2013, during my first year in Poly. Instagram was like a photo journal for me to post my athletic progress and journey as an athlete. Besides posting athletic content, it was also a platform for me to document beautiful moment and memories with my friends and families.

### What made you change the theme of your feed to the lifestyle-centric one we see today?

It was only in 2017 when I started to dabble in doing my own business and was introduced to Partipost by Yi Xin and Melissa that I decided to change the direction of the content of my Instagram feed. I realised how useful Instagram is as a platform to grow your own business, take part in events, meet new people and learn new things. With that new perception of Instagram, I decided to move my feed towards being more ‘lifestyle centric’ and post for brands and events.

### What do you enjoy posting about the most?

For me, what I really love to do is capturing beautiful moments and scenes in life and then sharing it with people! To that end, I enjoy posting about anything that’s inspiring in my life. Themes that I take pleasure in posting and talking about include general fitness, lifestyle and women empowerment.

### Do you have any tips for Instagrammers who are trying to grow a following?

Truth be told, I am not exactly an expert in this field so I don’t have very good advice but here are some things I did that helped me grow on Instagram! Firstly, Partiposting definitely helped me grow my followers significantly. Prior to Partiposting, I had ~1.6k followers. Now I have ~4k followers! Secondly, being consistent and constantly posting content on Instagram helps! Thirdly, the overall aesthetics of your Instagram feed matters a lot. Archive or delete old content that doesn’t fit in! Lastly, use hashtags that are very popular and commonly used!

### Would you then say you put a lot of effort into growing your Instagram page?

Yes, since the beginning of this year, I have been putting in a lot more effort for my Instagram! I do things like planning out in advance the photos I will want to use in the future, saving a lot of photos for possible use in the future and having a list of places to go to for photo-taking. Another tip for you! You can search the hashtag of the place you are going to prior to visiting the place to have a look at how others have taken photos there!

### How do you take Insta-worthy photos?

I don’t actually believe there are Insta-worthy photos. Personally, I believe these ‘insta-worthy’ photos are simply beautiful moments in your life and you managed to capture those instances on your camera. Of course, these instances can be made better if the backdrop is nice or you are in the perfect pose, etc.

### That’s certainly a different take on the topic! Do you use any photo editing app to enhance these beautiful instances you capture then?

I don’t really do much editing. I use the usual apps like Snapseed and VSCO.

### What is the most challenging aspect of social media to you?

The most challenging aspect of social media for me right now is most definitely how to increase my engagement! Many clients these days don’t just look at your following but also your engagement rate. It’s something that I’m still grappling with and learning from others about!

### How did you find out about Partipost?

As mentioned earlier, I found out about Partipost through Yi Xin ([@snnngorious]( and Melissa ([@melissalondonmickey](!

### What got you started on Partipost?

Honestly, it was the payout of the campaigns that attracted me initially. After Partiposting for a while, I got to know a lot of other Partiposters which is something I really love - meeting new people. Plus, I really enjoy modelling. Participating in Partipost campaigns gave me the opportunity to practice and try out modelling with fellow Partiposters!

### That’s great! Do you only Partipost with Partiposters or do you do it with your friends too?

I do it with my friends too! One good example is the Nando’s campaign where we have to dine with a few friends, snap a photo and post it! I invited my friends to dine there and Partipost together since we already had plans to bond. Not only do we get a free meal because of the payout from Partiposting, but we also managed to catch up over a delicious meal!

### What’s your favourite Partipost campaign?

Without a doubt Simplywrapps and Nando’s! Not only did I get to Partipost with other Partiposters but we also had the opportunity to bond and get to know one another better!

### Are there any brands you would like to see Partipost work with in future?

I would love to see more fitness related campaigns on Partipost! Anything from gyms to Zumba classes, etc.

### Are there any tips you would like to give other Partiposters?

Be meticulous! There were a couple of times where I left out a tag, hashtag or just left a detail in the caption and had to resubmit the post. To prevent yourself from going through the extra hassle, just be meticulous and do it right the first time! That way, the clients will never reject your submissions! For those of you who would like to grow a following on Instagram, Partipost helped me do it! So just keep at it and be consistent! Followings don’t grow overnight, it takes effort and time.

### Do you see yourself as an influencer?

I don’t see myself as an influencer. Maybe within my own sphere of family and friends because I think everyone has the power to influence and are constantly an influence on the people around them. Perhaps if I have a larger following then I may have the power to influence people through social media.

### Are there any local influencers that you look up to?

Elaine (@elaineruimin)! Amongst all the big-time influencers, I find her Instastory the most relatable and down to earth. Besides her, I also look up to Xin Lin (@xinlinnn) because of her fitness content. It’s also aesthetic and classy.

### Do you get inspiration from these influencers?

Yes! It’s difficult to consistently create high-quality content. Whenever I’m stuck, I will look at other influencers’ feed to get inspiration. I also look at their feed to get more ideas on how to pose, position themselves and the way they look into the camera.

### What is your favourite trend at the moment?

Personally, I would say it’s travelling. More and more people are into travelling these days. I myself have travelled 5-6 times this year!

### Any last things you’d like to tell our readers?

If you haven’t tried Partiposting, give it a shot! Partipost is really for everyone! You don’t need to have a huge following or aesthetic feed.

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