Partiposting - A Firsthand Experience

Josiah on 27 July, 2018

Before Partipost, the world of social media marketing and micro-influencers was practically foreign to me. It seemed like the term “influencer” was only reserved for the charismatic individuals that I came across on my Instagram feed. As a very private person on social media, I never believed that my limited Instagram reach had the power to be of any influence. Discovering Partipost, a smartphone app and micro-influencer network, changed my view completely. Partipost welcomes anyone to join their community of citizen influencers and participate in social media marketing campaigns with exclusive brands. The seamless app makes it extremely easy for users to earn rewards through their social media posts when they share about their favourite brands. What's more, there is absolutely no contract that you need to sign. Seeing that this was a great way to earn some spare cash for my weekends out in town, I decided to give Partiposting a shot!

The Experience

Partiposting was as simple as can be. The user-friendly application and detailed instructions made it incredibly easy to Snap, Post, and Earn!

As an instant noodles lover, I chose to participate in one of my favourite brand’s campaign, KOKA Purple! The campaign’s goal was to promote KOKA’s new line of Purple Wheat Noodles that is a healthier option. Interestingly, my account is actually privated on Instagram, but Partipost still allows such accounts to be included for campaigns!

To begin, I browsed through the campaign's brief, which provided me with the necessary details needed to construct my Partipost. This included the payout I stood to gain, the photo and caption requirements, and photo tags or hashtags that I needed to include in my post. I was extremely pleased to find such detailed instructions that made the process extremely hassle-free.

Next, adhering to the campaign guidelines, I submitted two pictures of the KOKA noodles with a suitable caption and waited for my submission to be approved by the brand. Within the next day, my submission was approved and I was ready to post it up on my social media and start earning! After providing my post link to Partipost, all I did was to do was to sit back and wait for my rewards.

The app includes a breakdown of payouts that allows users to track how their campaign post is doing. For the next 7 days, this function allowed me to understand how my post was performing. Partipost rewards influencers for the level of engagement that their social media posts receive. Depending on each campaign, influencers are entitled to different payouts based on different metrics. For the KOKA Purple campaign, I had the chance to earn up to $43.75! A pretty good deal to enjoy a delicious bowl of noodles.

Lastly, after 7 days, my payout was credited into my Partipost account for me to withdraw. I appreciated how straightforward it was to link my bank account within the app and withdraw my earnings. Though I did not hit the maximum earnings, it was still a rewarding experience considering how little effort and time it took!

My Reflections

On a whole, for someone who is fresh to the social media influencer scene, Partipost made participating in a social media campaign extremely comfortable and fulfilling. The platform is very welcoming, and through it, everyone has to ability to participate and be rewarded for enjoying their favourite brands! My first time Partiposting revealed how social media influencing is something that anyone can perform and is not just reserved for “Instagram Celebrities”. I look forward to more exclusive Partipost campaigns that I can enjoy and share with my social network!

Now, it's your turn!

If you share the same questions about social media influencing as I did, I hope that this experience eased your worries and proved that Partipost welcomes everyone. Now, it is your turn to join in the fun and start Partiposting!

The Partipost App is available for FREE on both iOS and Android devices. What are you waiting for? Download the Partipost App and start earning!