How Nivea Deodorant Saved My Life

Julia Caesar on 02 October, 2018


Being a victim of dark underarms felt terrible. I was always afraid of judgement from others and never had the courage to be in sleeveless apparels. I was so bothered by it that I went through a period of time where I felt depressed and inferior. Those days, I would curl up in bed at night scrolling through the profiles of female influencers and models on Instagram. Tears often streamed down my face as I envied these beautiful women who could spot sleeveless tops or bikinis freely, without a fair bit of concern as they were not afflicted with dark underarms. I too yearned for those fair, spotless armpits. I wanted to be confident and comfortable in my own skin (literally).

Sounds familiar? I know I am not the only one who has experienced this. Hours and hours were spent just trawling through the Internet finding a product or remedy to fix my dark underarms. I tried everything from dodgy home made creams to self made remedies but nothing truly worked. Not until that fateful day…

My friend had invited to work out with her in the school gym before class. I obliged having not exercised in a while. It was while we were rushing and changing in the washroom that I noticed my friend using the NIVEA Whitening Powder Spray Deodorant. Being in a rush, I did not shower and asked if she could spare me her deodorant. I casually asked “Does this actually work? I’ve tried dozens of products and nothing helps my dark underarms”. She replied, “It does! At least for me. Plus, it doubles as a deodorant too which is really useful especially for an active athlete like me. AND Singapore is so extremely HOT.”

winnyz Credit: Partiposter @winnyz

I bought a bottle for myself on my way home. No harm trying one more product right? To my greatest surprise, the product actually worked wonders. It didn’t get rid of my dark underarms completely but my skin did become fairer with consistent use over time. Boy, was I happy! Now I’ve recovered enough confidence to spot those sleeveless tops and bikinis I have always wanted to try on. Not only that, I am no longer paranoid and afraid of the judging eyes of others.

viensianjaya Credit: Partiposter @viensianjaya

Last week, NIVEA SINGAPORE had a marketing campaign with Partipost which involved using the Whitening Powder Spray Deodorant and promoting it on Instagram! I immediately took part in the campaign and posted a picture of myself in a sporty outfit using the product. Having experienced first hand the effectiveness of NIVEA’s product, there was just no way I was going to give this campaign a miss. Through participating in the campaign, I was able to promote an advocate for a product that worked for me. In addition, others whom faced the same issue as I did can see my Instagram post and give it a try for themselves!

thatmomoffour Credit: Partiposter @thatmomoffour

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