Dummies Guide To Partiposting

Jeremy Cherng on 18 October, 2018

Download and Register

  1. Search ‘Partipost’ on App Store (Apple)/ Google Play Store (Android).

  2. Download the app. app app2

  3. Sign up and register your account. a. Verify email (IMPORTANT) b. Fill in your Instagram username correctly. account 2

  4. Link Partipost to your bank! account

Participating in a Campaign

  1. Browse through available Campaigns in the ‘Campaigns’ tab. participate3

  2. Click into a Campaign you are interested in.

  3. Read through brief! (IMPORTANT) brief

  4. Click on ‘Partipost Now’. participate2

  5. Upload your photos (up to 5) and your caption. [Follow the Instructions and Example in the page if you are lost!]


6.Click ‘Submit’ when you are done.

7.Keep track of your Submission in the ‘Partiposts’ tab. partiposts

8.‘Awaiting approval’ - The brand is vetting your post! awaiting

9.‘Post now’ - Your submission has been approved! :) Now you can post it on your Instagram account!

10.Click on ‘Copy Caption’ - Use this caption for your Instagram post. caption

11.After uploading your post on Instagram, post your Instagram post’s link here! (IMPORTANT) copy2 link

12.Upon Submission, give us 24 working hours to verify the link!

13.Lastly, go to your ‘Profile’ tab after the campaign has ended. profile

14.Click on ‘Withdraw’ to receive your payout. (Remember to link your bank account to the app!) withdraw

What if my Submission is rejected?

  1. Click on the Campaign to resubmit your new post! tryagain

  2. Then follow Steps 6-14 again.

Tips from experienced Partiposters!

How can I reduce the odds of my submissions being rejected?

a. Follow the brief to the tee! Understand and follow the instructions in the brief!
b. Always double check to ensure you have all the required tags and hashtags.

What do I do I do after I have posted on Instagram?

Submit your post’s link! This is of utmost importance if you want your payout!

What is the submission deadline for Campaigns?

Be aware of the time frame for each Campaign. There is specific Posting Period for each Campaign. If submission deadline is 4 Nov, it actually means 3 Nov 23 59 hr.

How do I keep myself updated with my campaign progress?

Turn on notification for the Partipost app. Always be updated of the latest Campaigns and keep track of the Campaigns you are participating in!

Why do my payouts not add up?

Read the Terms and Conditions! This is ensure you are familiar with payout system on Partipost. For example, this is one Term that many Partiposters are unfamiliar with - __‘Your payout will be calculated throughout the duration of the campaign; should the budget of the campaign run out before the duration ends, the payout calculation stops. You will receive the amount calculated when the budget has reached $0 or the campaign ends, whichever comes first.’ __

Why is there no engagement or payout after I have posted?

Please give us time, this usually takes a day to show up and will be updated on a daily basis.


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