Climate Change Is Already Secretly Affecting You

Jeremy Cherng

| 19 October, 2018

Climate change is real. Climate change is happening and we need to do our part as inhabitants of this Earth if we want to preserve what we have for future generations to come. Here are 5 ways climate change is drastically affecting our life in ways we do not realise!

1. Heat Strokes

Average temperatures in Singapore has been on the rise with maximum temperatures exceeding 34 degrees on certain days. Urbanisation in Singapore has also resulted in the concrete surfaces retaining more heat. What does this mean? Singapore is literally becoming an oven and we are becoming more susceptible to heat injuries.

2. Flash Floods

Climate change has led to more frequent intense rainfalls. While you may think rainfall is good in bringing down temperatures and providing a surplus in water supply, it is actually unhealthy. Intense rainfall can overwhelm our water drainage infrastructure, resulting in flash floods. Remember the flooded MRT track and cars being half submerged in water? Nobody wants to be stuck in their car or train due to a flash flood, so we should all do something about climate change. Start today by making small changes to your lifestyle!


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3. Rise in Food Prices

Cursing every time you see the price of rice increase? Well.. If climate change worsens, you can expect the prices of food to increase a lot more. Climate change has resulted in periods of droughts and intense rainfalls that make it difficult to cultivate and grow any rice in low-lying paddy fields in Indonesia and Thailand (both of which are our main supplier for rice). Extreme heat has also affected the of harvest in Australia and China in recent years. High demand + Low supply = High food prices and disaster for our pockets.

4. Higher Utility Bills

As if our utility bills aren’t high enough already. Climate change is causing us to use more electricity and water resulting in a rise in utility bills. You might be thinking, how? Here’s a prime example to explain this to you. As mentioned earlier, Singapore is becoming an oven and what do we naturally turn to to solve this problem? We turn on the air conditioning more frequently and at set it at even lower temperatures. (As if global warming isn’t bad enough) What does this lead to? Higher electricity consumption and hence, higher bills. Not convinced? How often does an average Singaporean shower in this hot environment? Think about how often you stay in the shower longer just to escape the heat. Again, this leads to higher water consumption and higher utility bills.

5. Housing Prices

What does climate change has to do with housing prices? Here’s how. Between 1975 - 2009, sea levels have been rising at 1.7mm-1.9mm per year. Global sea levels have been increasing at 4.5mm per year since 2012 and sea levels are expected to rise 1m by year 2100. Not scaring you? Here’s something that will directly affect and frighten you. Due to rising sea levels, it is increasingly more difficult for Singapore to reclaim land for new housing estates. Basically, High demand for housing + Low supply of new housing = High Housing Prices

Climate change is real. It is happening NOW and EVERYONE is affected. We need to come together and do our part (no matter how small) for our environment.