Are Social Media Influencers the Future of Marketing?

Jeremy Cherng

| 24 September, 2018

I am going to go right to the point – Digital influencer marketing/Social media influencers are the future of marketing. Was there ever any doubt in that? For those who beg to differ, hold your horses and read on to find out why...

Firstly, unlike traditional media advertisements, consumers cannot block any influencer advertisements. You can try but it’s almost impossible. Social media sites are running on a algorithm that functions such that you will come across influencers’ posts or advertisements, in one shape or form. BUT, influencer advertisements are so non-intrusive that consumers do not even see them as advertisements, much less want to block them. By advertising through social media influencers, brands are able to put themselves out there with more subtlety and reinforce their brands in the minds of their audience subconsciously overtime. Ask yourself this the next time you purchase a product, what played a bigger role in your choice of brand? Was it the influence of social media marketing and influencers? Or was it traditional advertising media?

Secondly, social media influencers are authority figures that their audiences look up to and trust. We all have an idol or leader we look up to, whether it is fashion, food, health and fitness, etc. Traditionally, businesses signed celebrities to represent them as brand ambassadors. It worked because consumers want to emulate and use the same products their favourite celebrities use. While they still do that today, many businesses are finding it too costly to do so. On top of that, people are finding celebrities to be too distant from them in status for them to emulate whereas social media influencers are ordinary folks who amassed a following online. Besides, would you trust the endorsement of a celebrity who likely doesn’t even use the product or a social media influencer who used/tried the product and focuses on producing content in the particularly field (fashion, food, etc.).

Thirdly, social media influencers are able to interact with their followers through ‘likes’ and ‘comments’, adding an element of intimacy with their following. Many of these followers actually see influencers as ‘friends’. Influencers also often share details of their day and share content that are relatable to the ordinary folk. All of these go a long way in making influencers appear more credible to their audience who will internalise and digest the information. This is one of the major reasons why more and more brands are engaging social media influencers for their marketing campaign.

Social media influencers are bridging the gap and doing what traditional methods of marketing have never been able to accomplish. I firmly believe we have yet to uncover its full potential and judging by it rapid growth, it is definitely the future of marketing.

Still in doubt? Try being a micro-influencer within your circle of friends and see the power of digital influencer marketing for yourself! Here’s how!