5 Ways To Get A Girl Through Instagram

Jeremy Cherng on 11 October, 2018


More and more men are trying their luck to score a date through Instagram. But they quickly realise scoring a date through Instagram is no easy feat. Many end up either getting ignored or blocked. Some are even being called creeps. It takes patience and skills to land yourself that hot chick you saw on your Explore page. Here are some tips to improve your chances!


1. Have a decent profile picture! Better yet, look suave in it!

Don’t just put a blur or unflattering profile picture. Even worse still, don’t put a cartoon avatar for a profile picture. First impression matters more than you think it does, especially when you are some stranger on social media. The first thing the girl is going to see is your profile picture. If she likes your profile picture, you’ve won half the battle. Put more effort into it, make sure you attractive. A simple tip is to always ask yourself, will you reply yourself if you were the girl? If the answer is ‘no’ then you know you have some work to do.


2. Make sure your bio is interesting!

The last thing you want is to not have anything in your bio. At least have your name and something that tells the ladies’ something about you! Even a quote from someone you admire or a book you read is better than not having anything at all. (P.S. avoid overused and mainstream ones.) Never look down on what a short bio can do for you. To the ladies, it’s a tiny glimpse to who you are and if they think you have substance and something to offer then you are that much closer to success.


3. Do some housekeeping for your account.

Clean up your Instagram account. Throw out anything that isn’t visually appealing! Grainy photos? Delete. Photos with no focus? Delete. Photos of your half eaten lunch? Delete. Make sure everything in your feed is appealing adds to the overall aesthetics of your account. No woman wants to reply a man who post meaningless and unaesthetic stuff. It gives her the impression that you’ve no sense of beauty.


4. Use Instastory!

Instastory can do more than just updating and showing your followers interesting things in your life. It’s become an avenue for women you DM to know more about you conveniently. Instastory adds a layer of intimacy and closeness to her. Think of it as your opening introductory speech when you meet a woman in reality. Make sure your Instastory as authentic and exciting, add a little flavour to it to present your uniqueness as an individual.


5. Produce interesting and cool content on your Instagram!

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Possessing an Instagram account that produces interesting and cool content can go a long way in getting that girl’s reply. Quality content that is not only aesthetically pleasing and informative will showcase your qualities as a creative, knowledgeable and meticulous individual. Women are very good at looking into the tiny details and making intelligent inferences from there. Your Instagram feed can tell her a lot about you! So make sure you content is good.

Use these tips and good luck landing your first date from Instagram, guys!

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