5 Tips To Ensure Your Photos Are Truly Insta-worthy

Jeremy Cherng on 15 October, 2018

Here are 5 tips for our you to up your photo taking game and ensure your Instagram feed is Insta-worthy.

1. Focus!

These days, almost all smartphone cameras come with the autofocus function. While it has made photo taking easier for us and allowed us to take better images, it has also caused us to become lazy. Many of us assume the camera will automatically focus on the object of focus and simply press the snap button without actually giving it much thought. What we are unaware of is technology may fail and even our smartest cameras may err. How many times have we taken a photo without manually focusing and found the image to be blurry when we review them? What’s even worse is we settle on the blur image because we have ‘missed’ the moment for the shot and we post it on Instagram. Don’t go down that road if you want an Insta-worthy feed, FOCUS!

2. Use the grids!

Nothing is more annoying than a crooked shot. The gridlines are there for a reason! Use them to help you align your photos before taking them. Besides that, the gridlines ensure you are always using the rule of thirds. The rule of thirds is another important photo taking tip. Basically, the theory proposes that we should divide the image into three part vertically and horizontally. After which, ensure the important compositional elements are on the lines or at the intersection points. (If you are using an iPhone, go to Setting -> Camera -> Grid)

3. Use your eyes.

Sounds like a no-brainer but you will be surprised how many people don’t actually LOOK at what they are taking. Your eyes are God given ‘camera lenses’, use them! Before you take a photo, survey the environment and picture the photo with your eyes. Only snap the photo when you have found the perfect shot using your eyes! That is much more effective and accurate than looking through your camera lens all the time and snapping a thousand photos just to pick one you like. Of course, after taking the photo, use your eyes to examine it. If it isn’t up to standard, take again! Never settle.

4. Keep it original!

Don’t over edit your photos! More often than not, over edited photos can appear artificial and unappealing. Realistic photos that tell a story are what’s popular with people. In addition, Singaporeans are becoming increasingly jaded by heavily edited photos after various incidents in recent years. Plus, we should always aim to upgrade our skills as a photographer to take beautiful shots instead of relying heavily on editing softwares to enhance an image.

5. Manipulate the light to your advantage!

Don’t let the lighting of the environment hinder you. Instead, use it to your advantage by moving yourself and your subject (if possible). Be flexible and change your own position in order to get the best use of the lighting. Leave artificial lighting and flash as your last options, remember that nature is beautiful and sometimes, what the environment offers is more than enough to get that perfect picture. (P.S. make sure your subject is bright enough to be seen though)

Now that you have picked up some new tips to ensure your photos are truly insta-worthy, use them to create your own insta-worthy feed! These tips will also drastically reduce the chances of your submission to Partipost from being rejected!

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