5 Tips That Will Change Your IG Story Game

Qaisara Roslan

| 08 April, 2019

With Instagram being one of the fastest growing platforms, here's how you can bring your A game to grow your account and invite new like-minded followers via your IG stories! Here’s 5 tips to up your IG story game and help you growth-hack your Insta real fast.

Solid Background on IG Stories

Rather than having to download a solid color from the internet and uploading it to your stories, here’s a smarter and more efficient way of doing it.

  1. Take a picture of anything random, or anything from your photo library which has the color you want

  2. Tap on the drawing pencil icon, tap on the dripper icon at the bottom left and hover over any color your want

  3. Tap your finger at that area again and hold it

And you have the color you want, as a solid background. This is especially good for those who want some consistency in their colour scheme, writing quick messages without distracting backgrounds, and just helps make your caption stand out more.

Create an ombre/rainbow text effect

If you didn't know, you can actually get any color from the color spectrum outside of the 27 basic colors IGS offers. Just hold your finger on any color and a big palette of gradient colors will appear. Move left and right to find your desired color. But if you're feeling extra and want to try an ombre effect, here's a neat trick. You’d probably type each letter and choose a different color for each letter, but this is an easier and slicker way to get that ombre text effect.

  1. Write text, select and highlight the text

  2. Hold right thumb on any color of the color palette

  3. Hold left thumb on text cursor

  4. Slide both thumbs to the left

Use Different Fonts On Stories

The same old IG Stories fonts may get old and boring, so here’s how you can add more interesting fonts.

  1. Open IG and choose the photo you want to upload, leave it in edit mode.

  2. Close IG and open your Safari/Chrome on your iPhone

  3. Reveal your running apps, Safari and IG. (on iPhone you would usually double press your home button)

  4. Go to your browser and go to CoolSymbol.com

  5. Select ‘Fancy Text’, type your text, choose your font and click copy. It is now copied to your clipboard.

  6. Double click your home button again and head into IG, your story draft will still be there.

  7. Click the text icon, paste your text

Make Your Hashtags Invisible

When you cram all your hashtags into your IG Stories, is just looks spammy and lose all aesthetics of the photo. Here’s a method in which you can use as many hashtags, yet not disrupt anything in your picture. This increases your chances of being featured for the hashtags you use and boosts your exposure.

  1. Select photo you want to share

  2. Type in the hashtags

  3. Position in the space that has a solid background

  4. Highlight the hashtag as a text

  5. Tap the drawing pen icon and tap the dripper icon on the bottom left

  6. Drag the dripper to the desired background, as close as possible, until the hashtags matches the background and is no longer visible

  7. Go crazy with the hashtags!


A must-have app, HypeType adds some life to your IG stories by adding animated text graphics. This iOS app allows the addition of custom animated text over video clips and boomerangs. The app also supports music overlays over recorded video clips and lets you trim clips to whatever dimension you desire. Just remember to keep your videos between 5s to 15s and have fun coming up with a bunch of cool graphics!

Now with all these tricks at your fingertips, you'll be able to start creating and designing your own Instagram stories! Once you have become a master at creating fancy Instagram stories, keep your eyes on the look out for our Instagram stories campaigns to test your skills and earn money at the same time!

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