5 Signs You Are A SG Hypebeast

Jeremy Cherng

| 25 September, 2018

1. Money isn’t an issue, copping the latest drops is!

Hypebeasts are willing to do anything to get their hands on the latest hypebeast gear, including emptying their pockets. They’d starve or work multiple part time jobs just to save up enough for the merchandise.

2. Waiting hours in line just to cop the latest limited edition drops!

Find yourself in a queue for the latest gear? Then you are a true hypebeast. Anyone can be a sneakerhead but not everyone is willing to camp out for hours to get them.

3. Any brand that isn’t featured on Hypebeast Instagram page is basic.

If you reject or find any brands you have never seen on Hypebeast’s Instagram basic, you are a Hypebeast. In addition, you only buy clothing based on brand names, even if they aren’t practical or look good on you.

4. Dressing up wherever they go, even if it’s just going downstairs to the mama shop for a snack.

Hypebeasts take their dressing very seriously. They dress to kill everywhere they go. 32 degrees outside? Not a problem, they will dress up to kill even if it means they may get a heat stroke.

5.Their self worth is measured by the number of likes on their #OOTDs Instagram posts.

Hypebeasts take immense pride in their wardrobe and what better way to show that off than posting OOTDs of themselves in their gears? They live to flaunt their gear and nothing makes them feel better about themselves than the likes they receive on Instagram. They feed of that admiration and is their sole measurement of self worth.

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