5 Common Misconceptions Of Partipost

Jeremy Cherng on 11 December, 2018

Partipost isn’t exclusively for influencers!

Partipost’s philosophy and unique selling point is exactly the opposite of this notion! Here at Partipost, we want to the want the everyday social media users to generate organic content of their own accord. This means that Partipost is for everyone and anyone who likes a brand and would like to advocate for it on their own social media platform. It is NOT an exclusive app built for influencers or people who trying to garner fame or build a following on social media! YOU can be take part in Partipost campaigns too! Not just you but you and your friends and family! Some of our users even see the Partipost app as a discovery app like ‘Entertainer’. For example, @minicolee said that Partipost gave her ideas and suggestions on what to do over the weekend in her interview with us!

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You don’t need to be good looking to Partipost!

A lot of our users are hesitant to Partipost initially because they have the misconception that you need to be good looking or have an aesthetic feed for you to Partipost. That is simply not true! Partipost embraces everyone. As long as you have an Instagram account, you can take Partipost! We want to create a community that is open and welcoming for people to post about their favourite brands without having to feel judged. Don’t believe us? Check out the Instagram profiles of people who have Partiposted on Instagram by searching ‘#partipost’.

You don’t need a large following on Instagram to Partipost!

Many of our users think they need a sizeable following for them to be eligible for Partiposting. Again, Partipost wants to emphasise the point that we welcome everyone and anyone to Partipost, regardless of your following. Simply download the Partipost app and look at the myriad of campaigns you can take part in that do not require a minimum number of followers! Better yet, take part in a campaign yourself to clear all misconceptions you have of Partipost!

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Partipost isn’t an agency!

Partipost may appear to be an agency but we are NOT one. Partipost is in fact, a smartphone application that allows you to Snap.Post.Earn! As the slogan suggest, Partipost is a platform for you to browse a list of marketing campaigns, snap a photo for a brand’s campaign you like, post it on your social media and earn some cash.


Partiposting is tedious and difficult!

This is simply a false perception! Our in-house tech team works very hard to constantly upgrade the app so that it is as user-friendly as possible. In addition, we have specific instructions every step of the way to guide you step by step throughout the process of Partiposting. If you still have trouble Partiposting, you can read this step by step comprehensive guide! (https://partipost.com/sg/blog/dummies-guide-to-partiposting/)

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