2018 Highlights With Partipost

Qaisara Roslan

| 24 January, 2019

It’s time to look back at our best campaigns of 2018! What a fun-filled and amazing year. We hope you've enjoyed Partiposting and will continue to look forward to what’s coming up in the future! With so many great campaigns last year, we had a hard time picking favourites, but here you go: 2018 Rewind, Partipost edition.


In an effort to support Singapore’s street food culture, new and aspiring hawkers from all walks of life were brought together at the Street Food Festival. Partiposters showed their support for street food by taking photos at the IG corners and a $1 donation was made for every photo taken at the event with #uncagestreetfood.

Playing a part in the movement to support street food was definitely one of the top highlights of the year for us at Partipost.


Remember the Henry Golding Billboard incident? Yup, all part of this campaign! We had a blast with this one and was definitely one of the best takeaways of 2018!

Partiposters were directed to an Instagram post and had to leave a comment to keep it mysterious and build up the hype. Many were doing the same shoutout with the Circles Live app in the hopes of getting theirs blown up on a billboard! Better luck next time guys! ;)


Money makes the world go all the way to Japan IPL Express with this one! As part of their FREE IPL Day, Partiposters could stand a chance to win $1000 cold hard cash just by participating in their games. We had a great time reviewing all the photos and seeing you guys have so much fun!


From mentaiko to the salted egg craze, there were so many trends that made their way into the viral food sphere last year. Partiposters were also hopping on the bandwagon with these campaigns which not only made our stomachs full, but also our hearts.


Did you face a lot of challenges last year? Don’t worry, because smooth seas don’t make skilful sailors. Many of our Partiposters faced their own set of difficulites, but turned CHOPE's one day flash sale into an opportunity to treat themselves and their loved ones to a good meal! It was indeed the perfect way to end the year!


Dutch Lady came out with a Limited Edition Emojiku Pure Farm Flavoured Milk, and Partiposters were quick to try out and share about this exciting new addition. You shouldn’t cry over spilled milk but in this case, those who missed out on this campaign definitely should 😂 To get first dibs on our future campaigns, keep your eyes peeled on our Partipost app and social media.


The new KOKA Purple Wheat Noodles Range was all the hype in 2018 and we have you guys to thank for that! Partiposters, udon know how much you mean to us ;)

Thank you for all the support last year. We have many exciting upcoming campaigns lined up for you, so keep a look out! We hope you have another amazing year ahead with us.