10 Things You Should Know About Partipost

Zi Wai

| 07 August, 2018

1. Partipost is…

A startup founded in Singapore. We have developed an app that is free to download from both the App Store and Google Play Store. Through our app, users can participate in exciting social media marketing campaigns and earn some cash.

2. Partipost is regional

We are in Singapore, Taiwan and Indonesia. We are striving hard to spread the Parti spirit all over the globe.

3. Partipost is for everyone

Through Partipost, anyone and everyone can now earn money through social media. There is no need for a minimum follower count, exclusive contracts, or professional camera set-ups. We believe that anyone has the ability to post on social media and influence their social network.

4. Partipost connects you to cool brands

We partnered with over 100 brands thus far. Some of the brands we have hosted campaigns with include Tiger Beer, ST Jobs, Singtel, Watsons, Timberland, Pocari Sweat, and many more!

5. Partipost makes earning on social media easy

Take a photo and write a caption that suits the campaign and submit it to Partipost from within the app. Once your submission is approved, post it on your social media account and start earning! It is as easy as: Snap. Post. Earn. Your rewards will be distributed to you via bank transfer, giving you all the convenience you could ask for.

6. Each campaign is unique

Each campaign has its own unique requirements and payout structure. Depending on the campaign, you will be rewarded for your post and amount of engagement (likes and comments) it garners. In some campaigns, we even pay for the number of tags in your photo so do remember to read the campaign brief closely!

7. Partipost is all about freedom

No contracts. No obligations. You are free to participate in campaigns at your own free will. Snap, Post, and Earn, in whatever way you want. However, if you do wish to participate in a campaign, remember to look out for the campaign’s submission deadline!

8. Partipost is a great weekend activity

No plans for the weekend? Why not check out the app and browse through ongoing campaigns that you could possibly participate in? As @minicolee, one of our pioneer Partiposters, writes in her blog, her weekends have been extra eventful ever since she started using the Partipost platform. Her Partipost experiences have been made even better when she Partiposts with her friends! Everything is more fun when done with friends, so do grab your friends along and Partipost together!

9. Exclusive Partipost merchandise

It is not known to many, but Partipost has it’s very own merchandise! We hand these merchandise out only exclusive public events and at limited quantity. Do drop by our events for a chance to collect these exclusive Partipost collectibles.

10. Partipost is full of zest and vibrance

Lastly, we are a young and energetic team working hard to make influencer marketing accessible to both consumers and brands. There is never a dull day in our laughter-filled workplace!