Case Study Nefful International

Brand/Product Awareness Campaign – Nefful International Leveraging nano and micro-influencers, to share about Nefful International’s products available on their website and how they are the go-to brand for clothes that can keep you warm all day long. Total Influencers : 56

Case Study Tamago-EN

Brand Awareness & Traffic To Physical Store Campaign – Tamago-EN Leveraging nano and micro-influencers to head down to any Tamago-EN outlet and share about their main dishes or dessert options via an Instagram Post. Total Influencers : 100

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Case Study Hoolah

Brand Awareness Campaign – Hoolah Leveraging nano-influencers, to share about Hoolah, an app that allows you to buy now and pay later, as well as to share about Hoolah’s Black Friday merchant deals via an Instagram Story. Total Influencers : 130

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Case Study Toys R Us

Brand/Event Awareness Campaign – Toys R Us Leveraging nano, micro and macro-influencers to raise awareness for Toys R Us LEGO Bricktober and their gift with purchase promotion that was happening in September. Total Influencers : 8

Case Study Amore Fitness

Brand Awareness & Traffic To Physical Location Campaign – Amore Fitness Leveraging female nano and micro-influencers to try out a class/facilities by Amore Fitness, a ladies-exclusive fitness gym and to let their followers know that they can sign up for a 1 day fitness pass. Total Influencers : 23

Case Study Philadelphia Cheese

Brand/Product Awareness Campaign – Philadelphia Cheese Leveraging nano and micro-influencers to showcase how they can incorporate Philadelphia Cheese in their baking and to share their baking recipes.  Total Influencers : 77

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Case Study Purar

Brand/Product Awareness Campaign – Purar Leveraging nano and micro-influencers to share about Purar’s protective masks that can filter more than 95% of 0.3-micron particles and to share about their discount code for those interested to try out the masks. Total Influencers : 53

Case Study BZU BZU

Product Awareness & Product Review Campaign – BZU BZU Leveraging nano mummy influencers, to share about BZU BZU’s homecare range that is gentle, dermatologist tested, and suitable for infants’ sensitive skin. Total Influencers : 80

Case Study BOUNCE

Brand/Feature Awareness Campaign – BOUNCE Leveraging nano-influencers to share about BOUNCE’s newly launched 2-hour Superpass for double the time on their trampolines or X-Park. Total Influencers : 40

Case Study Grab

App Feature Launch Campaign – Grab Leveraging nano-influencers to share about Grab’s newly launched digital ‘Angbaos’ function where users can send GrabPay credits in any denomination to another user’s Grab app. Total Influencers : 73

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