IG Update: Instagram Reels Just Got Longer and How Brands can Leverage It

Instagram Update - June 2022 | Partipost
Instagram Update - June 2022 | Partipost

Last June, Adam Mosseri of Instagram announced new updates about the platform. From Instagram Reels to grid pinning, here are four Instagram updates that brands and content creators must watch out for:

IG Reels Gets 30-seconds Extension

From 60 seconds, users can now upload Instagram Reels that are 90 seconds long. This means you can now tell long and full stories.

Import Your Audio

This means users can now upload audio saved on their device and use it for their IG Reels. With this feature, you can use original and better-quality audio to make your Reel extra engaging.

Interactive Stickers on Instagram Reels

Other than your audio, you can now use interactive stickers on your Instagram Reels. This means users can now drive engagement using their video content.

Pin Content on Your IG Profile

With this feature, users can start pinning up to three posts on top of their Instagram feed. As with any pinned content, this will enable their most important content to consistently appear on top and get the most attention from their followers.

Instagram Update - June 2022 | Partipost

How Brands Can Leverage These Instagram Updates

Knowing that Instagram has something new to offer to brands and users is one thing. How we can take advantage of them is another. That said, we have listed four quick tips on how you can leverage these Instagram updates:

Tell Longer Stories

Instagram Reels is an excellent way to showcase your brand and your products. Now that you can publish 90-second video content, it means you have the opportunity to tell longer stories.

What you can do is tap nano influencers and run monthly campaigns. For beauty and wellness brands, for example, here’s how you can make use of 90-second Reels:

  • Month 1: Unboxing video
  • Month 2: ‘Get Ready With Me’ video featuring your products
  • Month 3: Quick product review

This kind of influencer marketing campaign allows you to maximize your marketing budget by ensuring that your product has a consistent presence on Instagram.

Instagram Update - June 2022 | Partipost

Use Original Content

With the ability to import audio and use it on your Instagram Reels, users can now post content they have created and edited outside of the app. This includes a better audio quality that you can use as an accompaniment to your IG Reels.

Being able to upload original content also allows you to cross-post your TikTok video on Instagram and vice versa. Talk about working smart!

Boost Audience Engagement

IG Stickers are an excellent way for brands to show their personality, drive audience engagement, and get customer insight. That said, one way to use stickers on Reels is to answer FAQs in video format.

Brands can ask their followers to message their questions via IG Story. From there, pick the most frequently asked questions and give a quick answer to each of them via Instagram Reels. You can also use this opportunity to encourage your followers to tap a link sticker so they can visit your website for more information.

Emphasize What Matters

Grid pinning allows you to highlight specific posts, whether a new product, branded partnership, or a post that explains who you are and what you do. Once you have the feature, all you have to do is tap the three small dots in the right-hand corner of your post and choose ‘Pin to your profile.’

Pinning your content allows your post to get as much attention and engagement from your followers as possible. This is ideal for running a promo or promoting a new product.

However, keep in mind that pinning a post will change the order of your grid. This means that your post will no longer be in chronological order once you use the feature.

What’s Next for Brands?

With the latest Instagram updates announced last month, it is evident that brands should keep on leveraging IG Reels. While some of the updates are yet to be available in Singapore, now is the best time to brainstorm on how you can take advantage of the new features once it is here.

It is undeniable that Instagram is staying true to its promise of giving content creators autonomy on how they present their content to their followers. As such, brands should do the same. This means giving influencers free reign on how they showcase your products.

Instagram Update - June 2022 | Partipost