Drive Brand Awareness with Nano Influencers: A Dettol Case Study

Dettol Case Study | Partipost SG
Dettol Case Study | Partipost SG

Dettol, the trusted leader in disinfection, hygiene, and first aid, worked with Partipost to drive brand awareness for their Antibacterial Wet Wipes.

About the Dettol Antibacterial Wipes Campaign

Launched more than 80 years ago, Dettol has been a leader in germ protection, helping families to safeguard their health through better hygiene.

That said, Dettol Singapore enlisted more than 100 nano influencers to drive awareness by spreading the word about the Dettol Antibacterial Wipes through an Instagram post and an Instagram story. In addition, the nano influencers encouraged their followers to use a promo code to enjoy a 5% discount from the Dettol Official Store on Shopee.

Dettol Case Study | Partipost SG

The “Confidence With Every Wipe!” campaign resulted in more than 340,000 cumulative reach, over 27,000 engagements, and a 14% average engagement rate.

Leveraging Nano Influencers to Drive Brand Awareness

Working with influencers has become integral to many brands’ marketing strategy. In fact, the Southeast Asia Influencer Marketing Industry report revealed that on-demand capability drives brands to invest at least 30% of their marketing budget into influencer marketing.

As the industry starts to grow, there is also an emerging trend wherein companies choose to work with everyday people to help promote their products. That’s because working with nano influencers can be beneficial for brands.

  • Stronger Connection with the Audience. The majority of a nano influencer’s followers are their friends and family. Hence, they will likely strike a conversation online, discuss a product, and drive word-of-mouth marketing.
  • Higher Engagement Rate. Since most of their followers are their family and friends, it is easier for nano influencers to connect with them. Moreover, their followers trust their product recommendations more than a celebrity endorsement.
  • Cost-effective Promotion. Working with nano influencers enables brands to stretch their marketing budget. For instance, your $1,000 budget lets you work with at least 50 nano influencers to spread the word about your product.

How to Drive Brand Awareness With Nano Influencers

Now that you know the marketing powers that nano influencers can bring to your brand, here are four ways how you can leverage them to drive brand awareness:

Dettol Case Study | Partipost SG
  1. Find the Right Influencers

The key to a successful influencer marketing campaign is to find the right nano influencers for your campaign. To do that, you need to determine three things:

  • Campaign Objectives. Your campaign objective or the results you want to get from an influencer marketing campaign can help you determine what promotional tactics to use. When it comes to brand awareness and product review, you can instruct an influencer to buy your product and share their experience with it on their social channels.
  • Brand Alignment. When it comes to brand alignment, look for influencers who best represent your target customers. For instance, Dettol opted to leverage everyday people, like young professionals and moms who are likely to use antibacterial wet wipes, for their campaign.
  • Matching Creativity. Once you have a pool of influencers you would like to work with, you can narrow it down based on the kind of content that they post. Consider working with influencers who share lifestyle content if your brand is in the consumer goods industry.
  1. Determine the Campaign Details

The next step in leveraging nano influencers for your brand awareness campaign is determining your campaign details.

A sponsored post is one of the most common forms of an influencer marketing campaign. Another excellent example would be user-generated content.

For this particular campaign, an influencer must post a photo of the Dettol wet wipes through an Instagram post and Instagram Story. This includes posting a picture or short video of them using the product, such as wiping surfaces.

Other examples of campaign tactics that you can use for brand awareness are contests, giveaways, and distributing affiliate links and discount codes.

  1. Get it Written

Once you have established the campaign mechanics, the next step is to prepare the brief. Your brief can include the guidelines and instructions of the campaign, as this can help you approve a nano influencer’s post.

Other things you should include in the brief are the following:

  • Influencer marketing campaign mechanics
  • Compensation and payment method
  • Permission to reuse user-generated content
  1. Measure the Results

An influencer marketing campaign does not end when nano influencers post about your products. It is also imperative that you can measure the impact of your promotional efforts.

Some of the metrics that you can monitor for brand awareness are the following:

  • Post engagement (likes, comments, and shares)
  • Social media mentions
  • Traffic from social media

Measuring your campaign’s results can give you an insight into whether your efforts are working or you need to tweak them.

Pursue Long-term Collaboration With Nano Influencers

If you want to maximize the benefits of working with nano influencers, we recommend pursuing a long-term collaboration with them. This includes running an evergreen influencer marketing campaign where the same group of influencers can promote your brand and products monthly. They will be seen as ambassadors of your brand.

Dettol Case Study | Partipost SG

Doing so allows you to build a cost-effective brand awareness campaign at a scale and with speed.

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