This is How Uni Students Can Side Hustle

If you’ve always admired top influencers and their content, you could see how they’ve grown to become strong influencers of any particular industry. That inspiration is probably the reason you are reading this article now. Juggling side hustles while being in university isn’t an easy task, but things are now made simpler with influencer platforms and campaigns that are readily available for you. That offloads a huge burden of sourcing for brands to collaborate with.

All you have to do is download an app and begin!

#1 Start Simple

As a beginner, you may not have many contacts or a huge followers base to collaborate with big brands. With the help of influencer platforms, you can pick from a variety of campaigns that you’re eligible for as a starting point. Start off with simple campaigns that are direct and involve lesser tasks.

For example, this CapitaStar campaign on Partipost, it only requires you to follow an Instagram account for $2, super simple. And all you need is 200 followers on Instagram and you’re eligible for the campaign. There are also a plethora of campaigns with varying levels of requirements and tasks on the app and it’s free for you to browse, just be sure to read the brief to understand what is required for deliverables.

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#2 Build Your Followers List

As you participate in campaigns, you will gradually develop followers on your social media platforms. Create a consistent calendar to keep your profile alive. Use hashtags that convert. It helps garner more visibility and social media presence. Communicate with your followers frequently via IG stories, polls and questionnaires. Last but not the least, include your mode of contact for collaboration on your bio.

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#3 Be Creative, Be Yourself

Creating unique content may seem close to impossible while you’re studying, but have you noticed influencers whose videos are highly raved and shared? Most successful influencers stand out from the rest due to their simple yet unique content. Study the insights of your followers and post contents that resonate with them. Can’t really figure that out?  Fret not, simply get creative with the latest trends and news.

Ta-da! A perfect side hustling solution all set for you. Get started today! Follow us on Instagram for more interesting content!

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