5 Smart Shopping Tips in Singapore

It is clearly tough to refrain from shopping when you’re in Singapore. With exciting promotions literally all year round and the variety of perks offered in-store and online, Singapore is certainly a shopping paradise. Here’s 5 smart shopping tips in Singapore that could save you a small fortune ❤️

#1 Perks, Perks Everywhere

Rule No. 1: Never take perks for granted.
Rewards, rebates, cash backs, points or promo codes could save you a little more on your shopping expense. If there’s a particular shopping mall that you often hang out, be sure to take advantage of their in-mall rewards systems.

Meanwhile, if you’re a fan of shopping online, ensure to draw on their e-cashback, promo codes and shipping vouchers.

#2 Take Note of Sales Promotion Dates

From New Year Sales, to International Women’s Day Sale, and not forgetting the infamous Great Singapore Sale, jot it down on your calendars. This could save you from splurging during non-promotional periods and regretting when the same product goes on sale a week later.

The easiest way to stay updated is to follow malls and stores on their social media platforms and hop onto their subscribers list.

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#3 Price Comparisons

If you’ve ever wanted to purchase a new product for your home or personal needs, you’ve almost certainly gone online and conducted some preliminary research. It has indeed become a norm to research on product price prior to making a purchase.

Comparing prices and availability does not only save you from overpaying, it also ensures the best possible purchase decision. Simply explore every shopping platform and bag yourself the best deal. 

#4 Check On The Reviews

One of the most crucial step to shop smart is reading product reviews. It may sound easy peasy till it changes your opinion on a product you’ve been eyeing on. There are always two sides to a coin and opinions may differ, so don’t let yourself be put off by one bad review.

Read as many reviews as possible. If you still aren’t sure, visit a store and get the expert’s advise directly. 

#5 Keep Your Receipts

You’ll never know how these little crumpled pieces of paper will help you within the week of purchase. Not just for warranty reasons, it simply comes in powerful when you accidentally purchase a faulty item and need an exchange.

Receipts proves the price you paid and allows return, refund or exchange of item within a certain time period, typically a week. 

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A majority of shoppers have become highly proactive in their shopping journey, so can you! We hope these few tips would work great for you. Do follow us on Instagram for more interesting content!

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