6 Ways Nano Influencers can Help Big Brands

6 Ways Nano Influencers can Help Big Brands | Partipost SG
6 Ways Nano Influencers can Help Big Brands | Partipost SG

There’s no surprise that macro and micro influencers can help brands to build awareness, increase engagement, and drive sales. However, you might also want to find out what nano influencers can do for your business.

Who are Nano Influencers?

Who are Nano Influencers | Partipost SG

Nano influencers are everyday people with less than 5,000 social media followers. As such, their content is often less polished and not as attractive compared to those created by mega, macro, and micro influencers. 

Nonetheless, nano influencers represent your target customers. Hence, it would make sense to allow these people to represent your brand. Plus, the cost of engaging nano influencers can be relatively cheap compared to when hiring a macro or a micro influencer to build brand awareness for your products or service.

How can a Nano Influencer Help Your Brand

Influencer marketing has enabled businesses to boost audience engagement using creative and personalized. Although working with social media influencers with thousands of followers is a no-brainer, there is an opportunity in working with nano influencers.

Here are five ways that nano influencers can help your brand:

Build Brand Awareness

As mentioned earlier, nano influencers represent your brand’s target customers. As such, it won’t be surprising if a mummy influencer has mothers as followers, as well. That’s because they prefer knowledge sharing and product recommendations from someone they can identify with.

For your influencer marketing campaign to be effective, though, it would be best to work with nano influencers en masse.

For one, working with a group of nano influencers allows you to stretch your marketing budget. Imagine being able to work with 50 influencers with a $1,000 budget! Second, they have a targeted audience, including friends and family, making them a great choice when you want to tap into niched communities.

Niche-specific Marketing

In relation to the previous point, nano influencers are niche-specific. This means that they produce content based on a specific market segment.

For instance, a mother would review and recommend products that have to do with motherhood. Think baby carriers, lactation drinks, skin care products for babies. Hence, it would make sense to work with this kind of social media influencer if you want to build brand awareness, drive sales, and generate product reviews for such products.

Audience Discovery

Another advantage of working with a nano influencer is that they can provide you with a set of audience. This eliminates months of work you will need to do to build a core following for your brand from scratch.

User-generated Content

User-generated Content from Influencers | Partipost SG

Aside from discovering and reaching out to your target customers with ease, working with a social media influencer is another excellent way of generating content.

While it is important to ensure that the content they produce are on brand, it would be better to give them creative licence. This includes letting them work on the captions that come with the video or image that they will use for their post.

On the other hand, this frees up your time to conceptualise and produce content. All you need to do is leverage the social media posts that nano influencers did for your brand.

Campaign Litmus Test

If you are new to influencer marketing, working with nano influencers is an excellent way to determine whether it will work for you.

For one, they are the most affordable across all influencer tiers and yet they are able to generate comparable or even better ROI. Second, working with nano influencers can give you an insight into the kind of process that you should build when doing an influencer marketing campaign.

Luckily, you can make this process short and easy! At Partipost, you have a platform where you can create and launch a campaign, review the content submitted by our influencers, and approve them.

6 Benefits of Working With a Nano Influencer

Sure, nano influencers have less than 5,000 followers on social media. However, it does not mean that they cannot bring results to your brand.

Here are the six benefits of working with nano influencers:

Better Audience Engagement

Better Social Media Follower Engagement | Partipost SG

One of the differences between micro influencers vs. nano influencers is that the latter has better audience engagement. On average, nano influencers can drive a 7 – 10% engagement rate. This is the highest audience engagement across all tiers of influencers!

One reason is that they take the time to engage with their followers. This includes responding to comments and liking or leaving a comment on their followers’ posts. Another reason is that they can influence their immediate circle, like their friends and family.

Relevance and Trustworthiness

Influencer Relevance and Trustworthiness | Partipost SG

Based on our Influencer Marketing industry report, more than 30% of social media users prefer to see brand reviews. That’s because they trust other people’s opinions.

Meanwhile, nano influencers are your ‘everyday people’ whose product reviews are more relatable and considered friend recommendations. Although they produce sponsored content, their reviews are genuine and would usually recommend products that they personally use.

As such, it is ideal to engage nano influencers at a scale if you want to drive brand awareness for your business.

Word-of-Mouth Marketing

Imagine that you have a problem, and someone close to you (a friend or a family member) would tell you that there’s a product that would help you sort out that problem. That is word-of-mouth marketing. Whether it’s intentional or unintentional, it works.

That’s because nano influencers take the time to interact with their followers as some of them are their friends and family. This also explains why they have better audience engagement and are effective in driving brand awareness and even conversions.

Accessibility and Reliability

Micro influencers and other big social media influencers are likely to be working with a lot of brands. As such, an up and coming business might find it challenging to stand out and strike a deal with them.

On the other hand, nano influencers are accessible because they do not do influencer marketing for a living. Oftentimes, they only work with brands and products that they personally use or are keen on using. That’s why it would be beneficial for your business to work with them if you want to dive into influencer marketing.


As mentioned earlier, it is more affordable to work with a nano influencer than any other types of influencers. There are even those who are willing to accept free products in exchange for a review. As mentioned earlier, you can work with at least 50 nano influencers using the same budget for working with a single macro or micro influencer and this would allow you to really stretch that marketing dollar.


Being able to stretch your marketing budget means that you can maximise what your money can do for you. This includes being able to leverage on a lot of nano influencers to spread the word about your brand and products.

Engaging nano influencers at a scale allows your products to be a top-of-mind choice among your desired consumers. That’s because nano influencers can help make your product appear almost anywhere within their community like WhatsApp groups, Facebook groups, store reviews, and more.