Partipost Founders Interview Part 1 : Jonathan Eg

Bridging the gap between Brands and Influencers

Photo: Partipost’s Founding Team. L-R Jonathan Eg, Benyamin Ramil, Tony Jen.

Welcome to the first edition of the three-part series where we talk to the founders of Partipost. They will be sharing more on Partipost’s journey, the booming Nano Influencer industry across Asia, and how Partipost intends to continue innovating its platform for Brands and Influencers.

Partipost, a startup founded in Singapore, has the fastest growing network of influencers across Asia. With over 600,000 Partiposters, it has never been easier to drive awareness about your brand.

Jonathan Eg, Founder and CEO of Partipost, shares his valuable insights behind the vision of Partipost and the Influencer Landscape in Singapore. Graduated from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign with a background in Electrical Engineering, Jon cultivated a special interest in business and finance. With his dynamic skills and entrepreneurial spirit, he ventured into investing in more companies. Eventually, that led to starting Partipost with his fellow co-founders.

What was the inspiration behind Partipost?

We wanted to help brands connect with influencers. Especially small-medium businesses that cannot afford big influencers all the time.

We realised that many were already posting on social media. They were sharing about the interesting things they were seeing online with friends and family. That’s when we had the idea to create a platform that allowed anyone to post about anything and be rewarded for their influence.

We knew that word-of-mouth marketing through Nano Influencers was a powerful tool. It was capable of driving sales and better return on investment for businesses. Hence, we pushed for this concept of Nano Influencers (Influencers with up to 5,000 followers).

What’s your definition of an influencer?

An influencer usually depicts someone that has a lot of followers on their social media platforms. Therefore, I believe that an influencer is someone who influences other folks, and anyone can be one for that matter. 

How has the Influencer Marketing landscape changed?

The landscape in Singapore is definitely changing from traditional influencers and celebrities to these regular everyday Nano Influencers. However, I don’t think celebrities are going away, but there has definitely been an influx of Nano Influencers with the growing digital space in recent years. 

Based on the 6,000+ campaigns Partipost ran, Nano Influencers are known to have higher engagement rates. Also, they create targeted content, they are trustworthy, and they are cost-effective. Moreover, these Influencers have an average engagement rate of 7 to 10 per cent, while other influencers like Micro have around 2 per cent. They create specialised content that they are passionate about, which makes them relatable and authentic. As for maximizing your budget, we found that the budget for working with one Macro Influencer accommodates up to 100 Nano Influencers. 

What were the challenges, and how did you overcome them?

When we initially started, many brands had not heard about Nano Influencers and it proved to be a big challenge. Nevertheless, we were continuously persistent and kept trying with different brands to collect a bunch of case studies with promising results. After some brands ran a few trial campaigns with us, their brand awareness had improved and they found it to be cost-effective. We knew we were successful in our efforts when brands came back and spent more money with us based on the results they had in the beginning.

Where do you see Partipost headed in the next few years?

We have set a vision for ourselves – To become a self-serve automated platform for brands. In fact, we want brands to create their own campaigns and work with their desired group of influencers. It’s basically like becoming the Facebook Ads or Google Ads of influencer marketing where everything is automatic. The dream is to have millions of brands working for us and millions of influencers using our platform as well.

Partipost is trusted by industry-leading brands such as Pepsi, Chope, Kao, and many more. Drop us a message today for a FREE consultation to grow your business with us!

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