Stay positive during a lockdown

Are you worried about another lockdown? I know, NOT AGAIN! As we transition in and out of different restrictions, it’s an endless cycle of battling against Covid-19. However, we need to keep our fighting spirits high and stay positive. Pharrell Williams didn’t sing ‘Happy’ for nothing!

Here’s how you can feel your best every single day during a lockdown: 

Health Is Wealth

Did you know that there’s a strong correlation between your physical health and emotions? Studies highlight a 20-30% lower risk of depression when incorporating daily physical activities into your routine. Good dietary habits are important for a positive attitude. Just remember, under-eating is just as bad as overeating. Therefore, try to keep to a balanced diet that consists of fruits, vegetables, and grains. 

Some of us might be conscious about adding white rice to our diet in fear of gaining weight. Here’s a healthier solution just for you: New Moon Organic Superice. Not all superheroes wear a cape, but SUPERICE is here to save the day! This unique blend of Organic Black, Red Cargo, Brown, and White rice is highly nutritious and convenient to cook. It pairs well with most of your home-cooked meals and has a great flavour on your palate. Now you can cook yourself delicious meals to satisfy your cravings during a lockdown.

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Stay Connected

If there is something the growing digital world has given us, it’s unlimited ways to keep connected with our loved ones. With the plethora of devices, reach out to your friends and family wherever they might be. We naturally feel happier when we talk to people that are close to us. It could be fangirling over your favourite artist with your BFF or your relatives complimenting you that you have lost weight. Find a way to schedule a call with the people you love. There are plenty of activities to do over the internet while you are on a call. Play online games with your Bro’s, have fun presentations with your besties, and even get cooking tips from your grandma! We all need somebody to lean on, and more than ever now. Stay connected and stay happy!

Busy Like A Bee

Feel like you’re extremely unproductive at home? Get up! The last thing you want to be doing during a lockdown is staring at the wall pointlessly. Keep yourself busy by grabbing your family members to help out with chores. Household chores not only keep you involved but help you get some exercise too. Do the things that make you happy! Rearrange your photo albums from your childhood, water and grow your plants at home, or help out with laundry. By the way, if you’re looking for a great laundry solution, we have got just one for you. Dettol’s Laundry Sanitizer kills 99.9% of bacteria and ensures your laundry is extra clean. This 1.5L Sanitizer is great for you to feel good while you’re home all day long.

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Hope these tips help you stay strong during these tough times. Let us know which tip you preferred the most and follow us on Instagram for more useful tips!

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