Social Media Influencers Philippines

Looking for Social Media Influencers in the Philippines?

We are PARTIPOST, and you’ve come to the right place! We work in partnership with various Brands for all Social Media influencer marketing requirements.

With over 18,000++ influencers in PH and 600k++ across Southeast Asia!

Partipost is not your typical Influencer Marketing Agency.

We are a tech-enabled crowdsourcing platform utilizing our own Partipost App to acquire and engage with “Partiposters”. This makes it significantly easier for Brands to engage any number of influencers required for their campaigns.

Send us an inquiry to learn more about the Partipost difference!

Be it Facebook, Tiktok, Youtube, or Instagram Influencers - we got you covered!

Whether you need 100 or 5,000 KOL’s to deliver authentic Intagram Stories, Facebook posts, Youtube or Tiktok videos to promote your brand or product on Social Media, no problem!

At Partipost, you define what you need and you get to work with profiles and personas that fits your brand.

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