I'm a Brand

I'm a Partiposter

Partipost is an influencer marketing company that connects brands with everyday people and influencers through various campaigns in our app.

With Partipost, you can:
– Find the right audience that fits your brand image.
– Control the content your audience sees.
– Run campaigns the way you want to.
– Keep your brand safe with genuine profiles.

You can go to “Contact Us” in Partipost’s official website to leave relevant brand information to let us know you better! The responsible partner will evaluate the excellent content for you and contact you as soon as possible!

Partipost has an exclusive multinational influencer system platform, which can be controlled by one hand in terms of effectiveness, content, and project progress. Partipost’s transnational database contains more than one million influencers and can quickly recruit a large number of influencer candidates for you.

Yes. Partipost has an exclusive multinational internet celebrity system platform, a one-stop operation interface, which can clearly provide you with a view of the progress of the activity, and can also review the content of graphics and text submitted by users on its own, so as to provide you with the most complete data performance tracking at any time.

Yes! We welcome everyone, however, do note that most campaigns do require a min. of 200 followers and above.

Once your submission has been approved, you will be required to post it on your social media and submit a link back to us for tracking! Payout will be processed within 30 days once the tracking period is over.

You may earn an average of $5-$150 per campaign depending on the payout structure of each campaign, this can be viewed in the app under view payout details on the campaign page. 

You don’t have to sign any exclusive contracts and you are free to work with other brands outside of the ones you promote through Partipost. Simply browse and participate in the campaign that you are interested in with no obligations.

We encourage our users to only join the campaigns that they are truly interested in so that the content is genuine and authentic. Feel free to browse the app with no obligations.

Detailed instructions for each campaign can be viewed through the app.

You will be notified through your in-app notification and via email too. You can also view your submission status via the app!

*Do ensure you’ve allowed Partipost to send you push notifications on your mobile settings! **Brands do have at least 14 working days to approve/reject your submission.

Do ensure to set up your wallet with your bank account details. Your payout will be reflected in your wallet and it can be securely transferred directly to your bank account upon withdrawal.

*Do note that the min. withdrawal amount is $5 and withdrawals are subjected to a 5% transaction fee.