How To Drive Brand Awareness At Scale With Nano Influencers

Struggling to cope with a reduced marketing budget? Lacking authentic reviews? Wish you could blast time-sensitive campaigns swiftly?

We hear you. The pandemic left many companies frantically searching for ways to cut costs and sustain the business. When COVID-19 first hit Singapore, internet consumption increased by up to 60% and with many moving online to stay relevant, it is crucial for brands to break through the noise in the digital space. Studies show that a crisis may lead to the rise of frugal consumers. Many have become conscious about their spending habits and would only buy products they trust, underlining the need for authentic reviews.

With fewer funds to promote your products/services and rising demand for organic reviews on top of the race against time, is it still possible to achieve your objectives?

The answer is, yes.

Harness the power of nano influencers

As Asia’s fastest-growing crowd influencer marketing platform, Partipost regularly runs campaigns with influencers of different tiers – nano, micro, macro, and mega – depending on the brand objectives. To better understand influencer marketing in Singapore, you may refer to our article here. Each influencer tier has its pros and cons, but nano influencers, the dark horse in the influencer marketing scene, are often overlooked by most brands. 

Nano influencers are everyday people with up to 5,000 followers on their social media platforms. Their follower count may not seem as impressive as the other tiers, but their engagement rate is unrivalled. Unlike the other tiers, nanos are much more affordable to engage and they don’t rely on content creation for a living. Hence, they have no reason to withhold from sharing their honest opinion about a product/service.

Massive Campaigns

Last month, we launched the Nano Ambassador Program to shed light on how working with the same few influencers over a longer duration can help brands generate sales. This time around, we are back with another initiative that works in a similar fashion but has proven to be more beneficial for brands requiring hype at scale, and with speed, for seasonal or promotional campaigns.

Under this initiative, brands will be able to run large-scale type campaigns with our pool of readily available nano influencers. Such campaigns could work well for brands in the FMCG industry including but not limited to the F&B, Retail, and Entertainment industry.

How this works: To encourage more influencers to share about your time-sensitive product/service, we recommend running a simple campaign with minimal requirements and tasks. For instance, Instagram story campaigns lasting between 1 to 4 weeks could be as simple as reposting a given template. Earlier this year, we ran a similar campaign for Chope to promote their month-long Makan Feast. We pushed out close to 400 Instagram stories within a week and achieved a cumulative reach of about 830,000. 

If you have a slightly bigger budget, Instagram posts are an option as well. As an example, a budget of $3,000 can get you 100 organic Instagram posts in one month. According to our data, brands with easily accessible and affordable (e.g. under $10) products/services have seen optimal results. Within a month of promoting Pepsi’s exclusive Blackpink bottles, we pushed out a total of 200 Instagram posts and a cumulative reach of 509,000 with the help of our influencers.

Benefits of running massive campaigns

Achieve top-of-mind awareness

Brands are constantly vying for consumers’ attention. While regular campaigns can help consumers notice your brand, it does not necessarily mean that they will remember your brand or product in the long run. However, with Massive Campaigns, you can dominate the social space and maximise your brand reach simultaneously.

Take McDonald’s for example. It was common to come across content related to the BTS meal while scrolling through social media platforms as many shared about it when it first launched. On Instagram alone, the hashtag #btsmeal has been mentioned in more than 90,000 posts. This shows that there is strength in numbers. Once consumers are familiar with your brand, they are more likely to develop top-of-mind brand awareness and choose you over your competitors. 

In addition, nano influencers often have the greatest influence on consumers’ purchase decisions. This translates to greater brand credibility and higher chances of purchase among their followers (aka friends and family members). As established previously, 88% of consumers trust recommendations from people they know.

Disseminate information promptly 

Whether you’re trend-jacking or generating hype for your brand promotions, timing is key. As aforementioned, we have an ever-ready pool of nano influencers to activate whenever you have a time-sensitive campaign. With easy-to-complete tasks and low barriers of entry for Massive Campaigns, rounding up an army of influencers quickly is not an issue. This is because, unlike regular campaigns, (1) content creation generally requires less time, and (2) more people can help to spread the word.

Keen to find out more about Massive Campaigns and how nano influencers can work in your favour? Feel free to reach out to our team of friendly experts for more information.


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