Your guide to Partiposting

If you have recently updated your Partipost app, you might have noticed some significant design changes and improvements! Campaign briefs are now separated from instructions, tracking your Partiposts looks different, and even your profile screen is more structured.

With the revamped app, it is now easier to understand the steps required in completing a campaign, especially if it’s your first time Partiposting. If you’re still getting the hang of things, we’re here to help you every step of the way.

1. Browsing campaigns

Goodbye tabs, hello Collections! 👋 Find campaigns of similar types in Collections, located within the Campaigns tab of the Partipost app.

Once you tap into a campaign, you’ll have a clearer view of the campaign brief, payout, requirements, tasks, and schedule immediately. This means more time to complete more campaigns – yay!

2. Joining campaigns

Simplified campaign tasks and steps now provide you with a more structured way to complete campaigns. You’ll spend less time figuring out the status of your submissions, leaving you with more time to create thumb-stopping content to the best of your ability.

Browse through all tasks and steps available within the campaign for a better idea of what to expect, then tap on Start Partiposting to join your chosen campaign.

Complete each step in the sequence displayed.

If a step requires you to submit content, prepare your content according to the instructions provided. Only post your content online after receiving approval.

3. Tracking your progress

Track the progress you’ve made in your campaign at any time by tapping on the Partiposts tab.

You’ll be able to see the current status of each task per campaign, giving you an idea of your next steps.

When the status of each task is Completed, your Partipost status should read Awaiting Payout. All you have to do now is hold tight for your payout, which will be released approximately 10 – 15 days after your posting date.

4. Withdrawing your payout

To view how much you’ve earned for a campaign, go to the Partiposts tab and scroll to any campaign that you’ve been paid out for. Tap on View Payout Breakdown to view your earnings per payout element.

Once you’re ready to withdraw your earnings, go to the Profile tab. Your earnings should be reflected accurately with an option to withdraw.

Tap on Withdraw, and you’ll see your earnings in your bank account within 4 days. Take note that a minimum of $5 is required in your account in order to make a withdrawal, and that there is a 5% transaction fee per withdrawal.

If you’ve joined any campaigns since the launch of the redesign, you’ll notice that the Partiposting process involves pretty much the same elements  – it’s simply more organised so that you’re not bombarded with too many details at once.

Countless rounds of iterations and testing with real Partiposters (you might have been one of them!) has allowed us to build a more effective Partiposting process – one that we’re proud to have launched.

As always, we are constantly working on the app to make your Partipost experience more delightful with every improvement. Let us know what you think about the new Partiposting process and stand to win $5 in your Partipost account!*

If you have any questions, comments, or issues with the new Partiposting process, please reach out to us at

Till then, happy Partiposting!

*T&Cs apply.

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