So you’ve decided to try out influencer marketing for your brand. Welcome! You’re definitely on the right track—insiders and industry experts have reported on the dynamically expanding landscape of influencer marketing, as well as their effectiveness in helping brands fulfill their marketing goals. 


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It isn’t too difficult to see why. After all, influencer marketing operates on one of the most basic tenets of marketing: word-of-mouth! And this is certainly still going strong as an industry, with an estimated $6 trillion in annual global spending. According to Invesp, it’s also the driving force behind 13% of sales.

In essence, influencer marketing is really just a developed form of word-of-mouth set in the digital age. It’s no longer a secret that large portions of human life are now lived online, with 30.25 million social media users in Malaysia alone as of January 2022—so it’s only natural that brands follow suit and find the best strategies to communicate and connect with the audience you need.

But before diving headfirst into conceptualizing your influencer campaign, it’s good to be aware of the different types of simple influencer campaigns you can explore and work with—especially if it’s your first brush with influencer marketing—and how to optimize them to best achieve your brand’s needs.


1. Profile Follow Campaign


Probably one of the most straightforward campaigns on this list, Profile Follow campaigns are just about as simple as they get. If your brand is new and needs a mass social following in a short amount of time, Profile Follow campaigns are the best quick fix – as a mass campaign where you get to engage up to 1,000 influencers or more. With that, your brand’s guaranteed to get a social boost in no time.


  • Who this campaign is best for: Brands that are new to social media and are looking to establish a following with the potential to influence their own communities

  • Campaign objective: To gain followers on social media

  • What the influencers will be doing: Following your brand’s social media accounts

  • The benefits of this campaign: By having influencers as followers, your brand’s guaranteed a much wider reach on social media in a short period of time. Your messages will directly connect with the influencers—and their own social followings. Talk about the power of digital connection!


2. Instagram Story Reshare Campaign


IG stories are one of the Instagram app’s most used features, and of the main reasons why is its capacity to encourage organic engagement. From story hashtags to “Link” stickers, IG stories present ample opportunities for brands to engage with customers in ways that genuinely feel authentic directly.

That said, IG Stories are also a great breeding ground for user-generated content, an increasingly effective strategy in digital marketing—in fact, a study found UGC to be 50% more trustworthy than any other type of media.

So it really isn’t too far a reach to incorporate these two elements in your marketing strategy. With this campaign, influencers of every social media tier will be able to broadcast your content to thousands of users, generating awareness and interest and creating trust in your brand.

  • Who this campaign is best for: Brands looking to generate immediate awareness, buzz, and engagement about their products on social media; particularly brands with high visual value

  • Campaign objective: Brand awareness + engagement on social media

  • What the influencers will be doing: Resharing your brand’s IG story 

  • The benefits of this campaign: As more people turn to social media to educate themselves about products and brands before making purchase decisions, having your IG stories reshared by influencers boost your brand’s awareness and trustworthiness among their social circle.


3. Reviews Campaign

Reviews have always been highly valuable to customers in making purchase decisions, and this has only continued in the digital age. For customers, reviews are helpful information for their decisions. For brands, reviews act as powerful social proof that you can utilize to show off your best sides. It also signals that you value your customers’ opinions and are committed to providing quality products and services.

But the reality is: not everyone writes reviews. In fact, a mere 28% of customers will write reviews after a positive experience. With Review campaigns, you can substantially tip the scales in your brand’s favor by utilizing 500 or more influencers to leave positive reviews of your brand.


  • Who this campaign is best for: Brands looking to take customers’ opinions from the decision stage to action

  • Campaign objective: Generating positive sentiment, driving purchases

  • What the influencers will be doing: Writing positive testimonials for your brand on your chosen social platform

  • The benefits of this campaign: In an age where customers’ opinions hold more power than ever, having a wealth of positive feedback from your community makes for powerful social capital and can easily convert potential leads into paying customers.


4. Facebook Post Reshare Campaign

Though perhaps not as bright and shiny as its contemporaries as a social media platform, there’s still a lot of value in publishing and sharing content on Facebook. For one, a study found that Facebook resharing is an effective means of driving more clicks, boosting clicks by up to 67% from reshares alone. Besides being a low-effort, high-value initiative, it’s also an effective and efficient way to get old content in front of new audiences, maintaining your content’s relevance over time

  • Who this campaign is best for: Brands looking to reach new audiences with pre-existing content

  • Campaign objective: Content awareness + engagement 

  • What the influencers will be doing: Resharing your brand’s content on Facebook

  • Benefits of the campaign: Whether it’s a new promotion you’re launching or old content you’re hoping to get in front of new audiences, Facebook post reshares are a low effort and are highly effective. From this, you will be able to earn reach and engagement for your brand’s social media presence.


5. Brand Survey Campaign

Whatever industry your brand is in, knowing your customers and their thoughts, feelings, and perceptions of your brand are of paramount importance—they are, after all, the start and end point of your every marketing effort. One of the easiest ways to do this is by running surveys. Whether it’s in preparation for or right after running a campaign, surveys are a straightforward way of keeping track of your audiences’ perceptions of your brand, which in turn can help you develop the best strategies to turn them into customers.

  • Who this campaign is best for: Brands looking to know their customers better

  • Campaign objective: Gathering customer information and responses on specific topics

  • What the influencers will be doing: Answering survey questions provided by your brand via the Partipost app

  • The benefits of this campaign: There is truly no shortage of knowing more about your customers’ perceptions, wants, needs and so on when it comes to planning the best strategy to connect with them. A good survey with well-planned questions can give you the insight you’ll need to plan your best marketing strategy.


6. App Downloads Campaign

In need of real-world impact beyond social media metrics? Or perhaps you’ve just launched your brand’s app and are hoping to get a running start. If either of these sounds familiar to you, an App Downloads campaign can get your app the support it needs. And if you need an extra boost, you can even get influencers to leave positive feedback on your app and eventually, kickstart your brand’s road to long-term success!

  • Who this campaign is best for: Tech brands (or really any brands) with an app looking to boost downloads and gain users

  • Campaign objective: App user acquisition

  • What the influencers will be doing: Downloading your brand’s app and leaving positive reviews if needed

  • The benefits of this campaign: Besides driving your app downloads in a short amount of time (and boosting your ratings on app stores), running an App Downloads campaign also provides 500+ users with the starting point to drive up your app’s activity in the long run. Not only will you gain new users instantly, you’ll also solidify your brand’s awareness to a cohort of genuine, trusted influencers! There really are no limits to the possibilities.


And there you have it! There are truly no shortages in the benefits brands can get with influencer marketing, most especially if you have the right strategies. The 6 campaigns above are a great starting point to explore all the possibilities in this rapidly growing landscape and eventually get your brand in front of the right audience. Click here to check out our case studies and how we can help maximize your ROI and build a brand top of mind.

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