Partipost Malaysia holds first-ever webinar for brands on influencer marketing


Partipost Malaysia held their first-ever webinar last Thursday, April 21, at 11am via GoBrunch!


The event was spearheaded by Partipost’ Malaysia’s marketing team, with discussions on all things influencer marketing as well as updates on the digital landscape in 2022, and how brands can best leverage the playing field.


As Malaysia’s digital population continues to expand in size and activity, the 2020s have ushered in an entirely new era for marketers to navigate. From changed consumer behaviors to digital-first lifestyles, it’s no secret that the social media landscape underwent massive changes in a short period of time. Over the pandemic, marketers also encountered new pain points: from standing out among tighter competition, to budget uncertainty, to effectively optimizing remote teams. 


The big questions on every marketer’s mind: what are the best ways to address these issues? Could leveraging this booming landscape of netizens work to brands’ advantage?


One solution that’s been leading the way? Influencer marketing. Most especially over the pandemic – the move to a digital-first world has only accelerated, with the influencer industry booming more than ever, a growth expected to increase in the next few years.


For brands, leveraging this thriving landscape hinges on three points:

  • Connecting with the right influencers for your brand

  • Collaborating to create authentic word-of-mouth

  • Creating real connections grounded on authenticity


Another main takeaway for brands from the webinar was the underdog power of nano influencers. In the midst of an ever-expanding digital landscape, modern social media users now crave authenticity and genuine connection; relatability over popularity. This is especially relevant when it comes to purchasing decisions, as users also tend to trust their immediate circle first and foremost.


Also present at the webinar was Sean Chooi of Trapper Media, who shared his insights on the best practices for businesses to fully optimize influencer marketing. Mr. Chooi also shared case studies of Trappers’ campaigns, and particularly how Partipost’s influencers supported their marketing strategy and solved their clients’ challenges, ultimately leading towards success.


Finally, the webinar ended on a positive note with a Partipost giving away two free mass campaigns to attendees, which were ultimately awarded to EP Plus Group Sdn. Bhd. and KuuVanCha (M) Sdn. Bhd.


Watch webinar here!


The Partipost team extends their thanks to everyone who attended the webinar and helped make the event a success! We hope you picked up something valuable for your business this 2022.


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