Influencers might be the smartest marketing strategy you make in 2022 – here’s why

The landscape of digital marketing has undergone many changes in just a few years. Especially since the pandemic hit, consumer lifestyles have completely shifted. From e-commerce rising in nearly every industry to digital communications becoming our primary form of social interaction, to workforces adapting to home-based setups, human habits across the globe have gone through major transformations. And that means that brands have had to shift their strategies to reach their customers, too.

So what’s changed for your brands since the pandemic?

And more importantly, what have been your biggest challenges?

One thing that’s certain for brands across industries is the migration to digital platforms in nearly every aspect of life. This includes a rise in e-commerce, both in the purchase of goods and services–in fact, a study by the UNCTAD found that e-commerce’s share of global retail trade rose to 17% in 2020 from 17% in 2019. And this is set to grow even further as we continue navigating the ‘new normal’.

And with more and more people occupying the online space, competition is tougher than ever for brands to reach the right audience. With an increasingly competitive attention economy coupled with budget uncertainties and remote teams, digital marketing in 2022 and beyond for the FMCG industry can be tough.

Enter: influencers.

Sure, influencer marketing has been around for the past decade, but the 2020s have created an entirely new playing field, and influencers might just be your best bet to reach the right audience. From macro-influencers with mass followings to nanos with more intimate circles, leveraging the right influencers could be the smartest marketing strategy in 2022 to reach the right audience.

At Partipost, we’ve made it our mission to make this connection easier than ever! With an active and engaged influencer base across South East Asia combined with an easy-to-use tech platform, we’re here to help your campaigns make the right influence.

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