Long-Tail Influencer Marketing & How It Benefits You

With the rising popularity of social media influencers, it should come as no surprise that both local and international brands have decided to include these profiles in their marketing strategies. Since 2016, the influencer marketing industry has drastically and steadily grown from $1.7 billion to $13.8 billion in 2012. This trend is estimated to reach $16.4 billion by the end of 2022 and does not look like it will falter anytime soon. 

With that in mind, why should your brand participate in this trend and incorporate social media influencers in your marketing mix?

The simple truth is that the internet and social media play a massive role in people’s day-to-day lives, and this will not change in the forthcoming years. It is imperative that brands maximize their potential by successfully running online campaigns to meet their marketing goals. Although integrating your brand into the online world by setting up accounts and pages on the top social media platforms is a wonderful first step, chances are that there is still a hard-to-close gap between you and some of your target audience. 

This is where the employment of influencers will pay off. 

However, not all influencers are built the same. In fact, there are various types of influencers who provide different sets of services and obtain different sets of results (i.e., celebrity and macro-influencers). It would be a bad investment to stake your money on a particular influencer just because they have a big number of followers or a certain aesthetic appeal. There are many factors that should be considered before hiring an influencer for a marketing partnership, so how do you save yourself some time and money?

Easy – By employing long-tail influencers!

Long-tail influencers are the people who dominate social media besides the regular joes. They have a decent amount of followers (sometimes even as large as celebrities) and are known for their crafts and interests because that is their main content creation focus. This could range from cooking and makeup to workouts and gardening. Think of that stay-at-home who loves to share her cooking adventures or that painter who likes to show their work in timelapse videos on social media, and you’ll have a clearer picture of what long-tail influencers are.

In essence, these are the influencers who visibly display their passion to the world, and their followers are able to pick up on that authenticity. This is the main difference between celebrity and billboard influencers when compared to long-tail influencers. Unlike the other two, long-tail influencers showcase genuine profiles, which helps to build credibility in the long term. They are known for their specific niche and are generally relied on to give authentic reviews and endorsements, which people appreciate and believe more than celebrity or billboard influencer sponsorships.

For example, if a cookware company employed international artist Yuna and a local auntie who shares recipes online for a marketing campaign, the audience would be more convinced with the latter because the campaign relates to her niche. Similarly, if a fashion designer supplied a new dress to a famous gardener, the audience would not resonate with the brand, which defeats the purpose of influencer marketing. 

By partnering with long-tail influencers, you’re able to avoid the hassle of marketing to a disinterested audience while also utilizing the full potential of your marketing budget. It’s common knowledge that the higher the number of followers an influencer has, the higher their rates are. However, by engaging with long-tail influencers (who typically cost less) and leveraging their niche markets, you’re able to reach a wider and more relevant audience.

In other words, long-tail influencers allow brands to narrow down and easily reach their target audience. This also translates into better conversion rates and return on investment as the power of persuasion is stronger with long-tail influencers. Again, this comes back to the fact that these influencers share common interests with their audience, thereby making them and their content more aligned. Collaborating with long-tail influencers that fit your brand ensures that you are able to achieve your marketing objectives with less difficulty. 

Now that you understand why long-tail influencer marketing is the way to go, why not dive straight into it? At Partipost, we offer you simple solutions to challenging problems. Let us help you in your brand’s journey to reach its full potential by accessing our assembly of long-tail influencers!

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