Influencer Marketing Report 2022

Partipost in an Influencer Marketing Platform

The Southeast Asian Influencer Marketing Industry

How the ring light has revolutionised marketing capital ROI and decision making

Influencer Marketing is Expected to Reach $16.4 Billion in Worth by 2022

Today, there are 4.33 billion social media users around the world, spending on average 2h 27m per day consuming behavior-changing contents that could make big differences for businesses big and small.

Instagram Remains as the Most Popular Platform Across the Region

Partipost’s survey across three countries highlights the popularity of Instagram as the most popular and emerging social media platform. It has been dominant amongst other social media platforms in 2021 with 71.4% of consumers  spending their time on this diverse app, followed by TikTok (15.8%), Youtube (6%), and Facebook (5.2%).

Percentage of Marketing budget spent on Influencer Marketing

Top brands are innovating new ways to work with influencers to fulfill more marketing objectives, and creatively complementing other marketing  channels. Leveraging the latest MarTech solutions, brands are turning what used to be simple post-and-share campaigns into complex task- based campaigns. And robust influencer platforms are allowing brands to active thousands of influencers on-demand.

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